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We’ve partnered with leaders in online learning to enhance your learning experience and outcomes.

Administrative procedures can vary depending on the provider, so please read below to find out more.

Open Universities Australia (OUA)

La Trobe University and Open Universities Australia (OUA) have proudly partnered to deliver the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition.

There are four types of OUA students who study through La Trobe University:

  • Open Access (HOUA) – you are studying the open access units from the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition degree available through OUA, either on their own or as a pathway to applying for the degree. Students who successfully complete two of four open access units may apply for admission to the restricted Bachelor of Food and Nutrition.
  • Bachelor of Food and Nutrition (HBFN) – you have been accepted into the online Bachelor of Food and Nutrition degree through OUA.
  • Bachelor of Food and Nutrition (Cross Institutional Enrolment Inbound) (HBFNX) – you are from a university other than La Trobe and are completing subjects from the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition degree.
  • La Trobe on-campus to online (Cross Institutional Enrolment Outbound) – you are an on-campus La Trobe degree student undertaking a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition subject online through OUA.

Please see information about how to apply on the La Trobe University Credit (Advanced standing) webpage.

  • Other than the four official open access subjects, the remaining subjects that are part of the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition (HBFN) are only available to Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) students. If you would like to enrol in units as a CSP student, please contact an OUA Student Advisor.
  • Students who meet the Entry Requirements for the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition degree can enrol as a CSP student and complete more than the four open access subjects listed above.
  • CSP students should follow their degree structure when enrolling into subjects.

On-campus to online students

To enrol into open access units, please contact OUA.

To change your subject enrolment you can withdraw and re-enrol online until the close of enrolment (see OUA key dates) at no cost. Simply login to your Student Hub and go to My Subjects. Select the unit you wish to withdraw from and add the unit you want to enrol into.

If you only wish to change the study period for the same unit, please contact a Student Advisor for assistance or submit an enquiry.

For any financial enquiries such as a re-allocation of funds please contact admin@open.edu.au

Please note:

  1. Before you withdraw from a subject, check that it is not a co-requisite of another unit that you are currently enrolled in.
  2. Before you add another subject, check that it is available in the study period required and that you meet any pre-requisites required.
  3. To withdraw from units you have not paid for, contact an OUA Student Advisor.
  4. To withdraw from units you have paid for, log in and visit the Withdrawing section of the Student Hub

After your request has been submitted, OUA will inform La Trobe University that you have chosen to enrol in or withdraw from a subject.

Penalties for withdrawal

If you choose to withdraw from a subject, you may incur an academic and/or financial penalty, depending on the date that you submit the request.

  • Financial Penalties –After the close of enrolment but before Census Date (this date is usually before the start of classes – check OUA’s key dates) OUA charges $50 per subject for withdrawal from a subject.
  • Academic Penalties – An academic penalty is a Fail grade applied to your subject when you withdraw from it late in the study period. The final date for withdrawing from a subject without an academic penalty is usually before 2/3 of that study period has been completed.

If you're unsure which penalties might apply to you, please contact an OUA Student Advisor before withdrawing.

Check OUA’s key dates webpage to check all your important study dates, including census dates.

To take a period of leave from your course, you'll need to apply for your Leave of Absence through OUA:

  1. A Leave of Absence may impact your study plan so please discuss your plans with a course advisor, an OUA Student advisor or counselling or careers staff, as appropriate, before you apply. You should find out whether taking leave will cause you to miss any prerequisite or core subjects which will delay your completion of the degree. You should also familiarise yourself with OUA’s policies and procedures about taking a Leave of Absence: Leave of Absence Policy and Procedure
  2. Refer to OUA’s Key Dates to assess whether you'll incur a financial and/or academic penalty. You should apply before the Census Date of your currently enrolled teaching period to avoid paying for your subjects.
  3. Complete the Leave of Absence form  through your OUA Student Hub.

What happens after I apply for a Leave of Absence?

When you've submitted your completed Leave of Absence application, OUA will forward it to La Trobe University for review. La Trobe University processes your Leave of Absence application.

Returning from leave

When your Leave of Absence is complete and you are ready to return to you studies please contact an OUA Student Advisor to re-enrol.

To withdraw from your course, you'll need to contact OUA directly.

  1. Before you make your final decision to withdraw, discuss your plans with a course advisor, an OUA Student advisor or counselling or careers staff, as appropriate.  They can help you to explore other options including taking a Leave of Absence instead.
  2. Refer to Key Dates to assess whether you'll incur a financial and/or academic penalty.

For more information about OUA’s discontinuation process, please log in to your OUA Student Hub.

If you are an Open Access student who experiences special circumstances during the semester that affect your study, you may be able to apply for consideration of these from OUA.

Special circumstances can be medical, personal, family, employment or course-related issues. You will need documents to prove your circumstances and apply through your OUA Student Hub

If you are a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) student studying the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition (HBFN), then you should follow the instructions for applying for a Remission of Debt through La Trobe University.

Wiley Education Services

La Trobe University has entered a new partnership with leading global higher education online courses provider, Wiley Education Services.

Wiley Education Services, a division of Wiley, is a leading, global provider of technology-enabled education solutions to meet the evolving needs of universities, corporations, and ultimately, learners. The company partners with 70 institutions across the U.S., Europe and Australia, and supports more than 800-degree programs.

Chisholm Institute

La Trobe University has worked in partnership with Chisholm Institute since 2011 to offer an extensive portfolio of course pathways from diplomas to postgraduate degrees. Please contact Chisholm directly for all administrative issues.