Dr Marcella Carragher

Postdoctoral Researcher | Speech Pathologist

Marcella worked for a number of years as a speech pathologist in the North West of England across acute, subacute, rehab and community settings. She completed her PhD at the University of Manchester (England) in 2012 supervised by Professor Karen Sage and Dr Paul Conroy. Within her PhD, Marcella designed and evaluated three different treatments for people with aphasia. The treatments focussed on verb retrieval, sentence production and sharing stories between people with aphasia and their close others.

In 2014, Marcella moved to Melbourne to work as a postdoctoral researcher in Associate Professor Rose's Aphasia Lab. Currently, she's the Trial Manager for a clinical trial– the ASK study. Professor Linda Worrall (The University of Queensland) leads the project which compares a psychosocial intervention for people with post-stroke aphasia with an attention control intervention.