Staff profile

Dr Liam John Lenten

Senior Lecturer

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce
La Trobe Business School
Department of Economics and Finance
Centre for Sport and Social Impact

Donald Whitehead Building 409, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BEc(Hons1) La Trobe; MCom (Eco) Melb; PhD La Trobe

Membership of professional associations

Economics Society of Australia (Victorian Branch); International Institute of Forecasters; North American Association of Sports Economists; Southern Economic Asociation; Western Economic Association

Area of study


Brief profile

Liam was appointed initially to the Department in February 1997. Liam, a La Trobe undergraduate, was awarded the Dean's Medal after completing a first class honours Economics degree in 1995. By July 1997, Liam had completed a coursework Master of Commerce degree at the University of Melbourne. Liam then commenced his PhD thesis in April 1999, which was completed in October 2005. The thesis highlighted his long-standing interest in the areas of exchange rate determination models and macroeconomic cycles, though more recently his research efforts have been concentrated more on sports economics. More recently, Liam has held visiting positions at: University of Michigan (US); Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US); University of Otago (NZ); Lancaster University (UK); University of Exeter (UK) and Monash University. Liam was promoted to full lecturer in the Department of Economics and Finance in December 2002 and to senior lecturer in November 2007.

Research interests

Applied econometrics and forecasting

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Sport policy

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Teaching units

  • Sports Economics (ECO3EOS)
  • Economics of Music, Film and Television (ECO3MFT)
  • International Monetary Economics (ECO3IME)
  • Business Economics (BUS1BUE)

Recent publications

Lenten, L. J. A. “Measurement of Competitive Balance in Conference and Divisional Tournament Design”, Journal of Sports Economics, forthcoming.

Lenten, L. J. A., Libich, J. and Stehlík, P. “Policy Timing and Footballers’ Incentives: Penalties Before or After Extra-Time?”, Journal of Sports Economics, forthcoming.

Lenten, L. J. A. (2012) “The Underdog Should Always Fire the First Salvo against Brazil”, Applied Economics Letters, 19(10), 935-938.

Lenten, L. J. A. (2012) “Comparing Attendances and Memberships in the Australian Football League: The Case of Hawthorn”, Economic and Labour Relations Review, 23(2), 23-38.

Lenten, L. J. A., Geerling, W. and Kónya, L. (2012) “A Hedonic Model of Player Wage Determination from the Indian Premier League Auction: Further Evidence”, Sport Management Review, 15(1), 60-71.

Lenten, L. J. A. (2012) “Henderson-Trending of Macroeconomic Variables and Forecasting Accuracy”, Journal of Forecasting, 31(1), 68-84.

Lenten, L. J. A. (2011) “Long-run Trends and Factors in Attendance Patterns in Sport: Australian Football League, 1945-2009”, in Cameron, S. Handbook on the Economics of Leisure, Edward-Elgar, Northampton, 360-380.

Lenten, L. J. A. (2011) “The Extent to Which Unbalanced Schedules Cause Distortions in Sports League Tables”, Economic Modelling, 28(1), 451-458.

Kidwell, D. S., Brimble, M., Basu, A., Lenten, L. and Thomson, D. (2011) Financial Markets, Institutions & Money (2nd edn.), John Wiley & Sons Australia, Milton.

Lenten, L. J. A. and Winchester, N. (2010) “Optimal Bonus Points in the Australian Football League”, Economic Papers, 29(4), 29(4), 407-420.

Lenten, L. J. A. (2010) “Bananas and Petrol: Further Evidence on the Forecasting Accuracy of the ABS ‘Headline’ and ‘Underlying’ Rates of Inflation”, Journal of Forecasting, 29(6), 556-572.

Lenten, L. J. A. (2009) “Towards a New Dynamic Measure of Competitive Balance: A Study Applied to Australia’s Two Major Professional ‘Football’ Leagues”, Economic Analysis and Policy, 39(1), 407-428.

Lenten, L. J. A. (2009) “Unobserved Components in Competitive Balance and Match Attendances in the Australian Football League, 1945-2005: Where is all the Action Happening?”, Economic Record, 85(269), 181-196.

Cavagnoli, D. M. R. and Lenten, L. J. A.  (2009) “On the Relationship between Employment and Vacancies”, International Journal of Applied Economics, 6(1), 58-76.

Lenten, L. J. A. (2008) “Is the Decline in the Frequency of Draws in Test Match Cricket Detrimental to the Long Form of the Game?”, Economic Papers, 27(4), 364-380.

Lenten, L. J. A. (2008) “Unbalanced Schedules and the Estimation of Competitive Balance in the Scottish Premier League”, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 55(4), 488-508.


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Older publications

Lenten, L. J. A. and Rulli, D. N. (2006) “A Time-Series Analysis of the Demand for Life Insurance Companies in Australia: An Unobserved Components Approach”, Australian Journal of Management, 31(1), 41-66.

Lenten, L. J. A. and Moosa, I. A. (2003) “An Empirical Investigation into Long-Term Climate Change in Australia”, Environmental Modelling and Software, 18(1), 59-70.

Lenten, L. J. A. (2001) “The Profile of Labour Force Discouragement in Australia”, Australian Journal of Labour Economics, 4(1), 3-17.

Lenten, L. J. A. and Moosa, I. A. (2000) “In Defence of Model-Based Seasonal Adjustment: An Illustration Using Australian Data”, Australian Economics Papers, 39(3), 372-392.

Lenten, L. J. A. and Moosa, I. A. (1999) “Modelling the Trend and Seasonality in the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in the UK”, Applied Economics, 31(7), 795-804.