Health and wellbeing

A smart city is a healthy city for reasons that extend beyond health care.

This theme will focus on what needs to be done to make cities healthy. We know of many technologies which can be used to deliver health care such as tele-medicine, and the importance of early detection and early intervention,  but what can be done to reduce ill-health in the first place?

One of the biggest causes of ill-health and death is poor air quality. So how can the quality of air be improved to make a city clean and healthy?

Increasing active transport such as walking or riding a bicycle will improve mental health and well-being as well as cardiovascular health, so how can we make active transport safe for everyone?

Education, especially for young girls, is a major determinant of health in later life as it provides life-skills, resilience and economic independence.  How can we improve educational outcomes for all to improve the health status of populations and reduce inequalities?


We are eager to work with people and organisations on research that fits this theme. Some possible research examples might be:

  • how best to scale up mobile diagnostic technologies to improve health outcomes?
  • can smart, mobile health technologies improve rural access to specialist health services?
  • what is the health dividend to increasing active transportation?
  • what are the costs of not acting on social determinants?

If you have an idea for research and want to be a part of our network, contact us with your ideas.


We are able to undertake work for organisations and governments. Talk to us about how we can help you. Some examples include:

  • analysis of data and provision of reports to provide modelling the impact on health systems and health status of increased migration from rural to urban areas
  • feasibility studies – for example, unifying national patient database to inform efforts to improve access and resource allocation
  • economic evaluation – for example, new technologies and impact of Smart Cities on population health status.

Research partners

La Trobe Academics

You can download the complete file of one-page profiles for La Trobe Academics here [PDF 1.3MB]

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur Academics

You can download the complete file of one-page profiles for IIT Kanpur Academics here [PDF 1.1MB]

Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani Academics

You can download the complete file of one-page profiles for BITS Pilani Academics here [PDF 1.3MB]