Change of Preference Aspire offer second chance

Your Aspire preferences aren’t set in stone. If you didn’t meet the requirements for your selected Aspire course, we’ve got another option for you.

I didn’t get into my Aspire course. Can I change my Aspire preference?


When you apply for Aspire, you’re asked to list your course preferences—just like when you apply through VTAC.

But a lot can change in a few months. If you need to change your Aspire offer because you didn’t meet the minimum Aspire ATAR or prerequisites, don’t worry.

After you get your results, we’ll check-in with you via email to ask if you want to update your preferences. This is your second chance to get the Aspire offer you want and receive all the benefits of the Aspire program.

You’ll also need to list your new Aspire course in your VTAC/UAC preferences.

Can I use Second Chance Aspire if I change my mind?


This second-chance offer is only available for students who don’t meet the requirements of their current Aspire course. You can’t use it if you simply change your mind.

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