Honours in the School of Agriculture, Biomedicine and Environment (SABE)

What is Honours in SABE?

As an Honours student in our school, you will embark on a new set of adventures, very different to the 3 years of your undergraduate experience.

You will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a research topic for an entire year and experience first-hand what a career in research is like.

You will get to work alongside our world-leading researchers in our discipline areas, and to become an expert yourself in data analysis, critical thinking and the use of cutting-edge scientific techniques.

Our goal is to transform you from an undergraduate student (who learns about science from a textbook) into a successful researcher (who rewrites textbooks). Our Honours graduates are highly sought-after by employers from all sectors.

To learn more, you can watch the following recording of our most recent online information session:

Essential information

Courses available for entry into Honours in SABE

Bachelor of Science with Honours (SHS)

Bachelor of Biomedicine (Honours) (SHMD)

Bachelor of Biological Science with Honours (SHBIS)

Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences with Honours (SHAVB)

Bachelor of Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology (SHSWCB)

Course structure

Research assessments (e.g. thesis, oral presentation, research performance) (75% = 90CP)

Coursework (e.g. research skills, discipline-specific knowledge) (25% = 30CP)


1 year full-time

2 years part-time


Both Domestic and International


February or July

Eligibility requirements

  • Completed Bachelor’s degree (or at least will be completed by the time Honours begins).
  • Achieve an average mark (WAM) of 60 or better across all third-year subjects.
  • Achieve a WAM greater than 65 in four discipline specific 3rd year subjects.
  • Obtain the approval of a research supervisor

Project location

Bundoora La Trobe campus

Albury-Wodonga campus

Baker Institute

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute

*Dependent on project availability

Honours research projects

Download the 2024 Honours Project Booklet [PDF 12.8MB]

For entry into Honours, you must find a research project. SABE research covers a broad range of disciplines such as animal physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, cardiovascular research, chemistry, ecology, genetics, microbiology, physiology and pharmacology, plant science, and many more.

We also have a partnership with the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute (ONJCRI) where students undertake projects with researchers in the School of Cancer Medicine. You are therefore joining a diverse and large number of researchers working on many important problems in agricultural science, biomedical diseases, and securing the environment.

Need help to find an Honours research project? Consider the following statements and then focus your attention on the projects offered by the respective department/discipline/institute.

I want to determine the ATOMIC STRUCTURE OF PROTEINS to aid in the design  of new drugsBiochemistry (BC)
Chemistry (BC)
Cancer Medicine (ONJCRI)
Plant Sciences (APSS)
I want to research the MOLECULES that become dysregulated & lead to the development of human DISEASEBiochemistry (BC)
Cell Biology (BC)
Cancer Medicine (ONJCRI)
Discovery & Pre-Clinical Studies (CRTI)
Translation & Implementation (CRTI)
Anatomy (MAPP)
Physiology & Pharmacology (MAPP)
Microbiology (MAPP)
I want to work in a RESEARCH INSTITUTE either within or off the BUNDOORA campusLIMS (BC)
ONJCRI (Cancer Medicine)
AgriBio (Plant Sciences)
Baker Institute (CRTI)
Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems (CFE)
I want to fight emerging animal & plant PATHOGENS by developing new DRUGS & IMMUNOTHERAPIESBiochemistry (BC)
Cell Biology (BC)
Chemistry (BC)
Animal Physiology & Health (APSS)
Crop Science (APSS)
Plant Science (APSS)
Microbiology (MAPP)
Genetics (EG)
I want to work in the FIELD to protect and sustain Australia's ENVIRONMENTEcology & Environment (EG)
Genetics (EG)
Animal Physiotherapy & Health (APSS)
Crop Science (APSS)
Microbiology (MAPP) 
I want to explore novel CHEMICAL compounds for use in INDUSTRY and MEDICINEBiochemistry (BC)
Chemistry (BC)
Cancer Medicine (ONJCRI)
I want to SEE the dynamics & functioning of cells by HIGH-REOLUTION MICROSCOPYCell Biology (BC)
Cancer Medicine (ONJCRI)
Plant Science (APSS)
Discovery & Pre-Clinical Studies (CRTI)
Microbiology (MAPP)
Physiology & Pharmacology (MAPP)
I want to understand PLANTS and identify the factors important for their SURVIVAL & GROWTHPlant Sciences (APSS)
Crop Sciences (APSS)
Ecology & Environment (EG)
Genetics (EG)
I am passionate about ANIMALS & want to ensure the LONGEVITY of Australia's animals, big and smallAnimal Physiology & Health (APSS)
Ecology & Environment (EG)
Genetics (EG)
Anatomy (MAPP)

How to apply

To apply for Honours in SABE it is essential that you meet with prospective supervisor(s) as their approval is critical for your entry. Contact information for supervisors is provided in the 2024 Honours Project Booklet [PDF 12.8MB].

After you have met with supervisors and reached an agreement with a supervisor, you need to download and complete the SABE Honours Application Form [PDF 303KB].

You will need to complete this form and obtain your supervisor's signature. You will then need to obtain coordinator approval by emailing your completed form to sabehonours@lateroe.edu.au

Domestic students: You can apply via Apply Direct (https://apply.latrobe.edu.au/content/forms/af/direct-applications/home.html). For help with domestic applications, please call 1300 135 045 or chat online (https://www.latrobe.edu.au/contact/chat).

International students: You need to apply via Studylink (https://student-latrobe.studylink.com) and will need to be issued Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) by Admissions. For help with international applications, please contact LTUglobal@latrobe.edu.au or by phone or chat online (https://www.latrobe.edu.au/international/contact).

Upcoming information sessions

Information session 1: Online information session with course coordinator and past students. Tuesday 29th August 2023 (Sem 2, Week 5) at 5:00pm via zoom (meeting ID 813 4765 7612 or https://latrobe.zoom.us/j/81347657612)

Information session 2: In-person SABE Honours “Open Day” to meet potential research supervisors. Wednesday 18th October 2023 (Sem 2, Week 11).

Schedule of events: Course presentation by coordinator: WLT1 (Bundoora campus) at 11:00am – 11:20am.
Meet and greet with potential supervisors: WLT foyer (Bundoora campus) 11:20am – 1:00pm.

Need help?

Please contact the SABE Honours coordinator if you need help finding a project or applying: sabehonours@latrobe.edu.au