Set up your student email

Your first Statement of Account will be sent to your private email address. The top of your first Statement of Account will contain your new student email address and password. Your login ID is the first part of your email address, before the @ symbol. You can access your Student Online account and access the University's databases by using your login ID and password. You can access your student email by logging on at the Office 365 Portal. If you are having difficulty logging in, contact Student IT for support.

After you become an enrolled student of La Trobe University all correspondence and invoices (Statements of Account) will be sent to your student email account. If you wish to forward your student emails to another email address you can set this feature up via the options in your Office 365 account (Options > Accounts > Forwarding).

As a graduate researcher, you will also receive an institutional account that will provide you with access to more of the tools, processes and information they need to complete their degrees on time and a more professional identity to use within the research community.


Ensure important emails don't end up in your Clutter folder. If you find out that that's the case and Clutter is not working for you, you can choose to disable it by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in using your La Trobe username e.g. and your La Trobe password (only required if off campus).
  3. On the navigation bar, go to Settings > Options > Mail > Automatic processing > Clutter.
  4. To turn Clutter on or off select Separate items identified as Clutter OR Don't Separate items identified as Clutter and click Save.

Managing your inbox

ICT put together a number of possible scenarios where you might need direction.


You can access Student Online when you log in with your student account to do things like change your address, pay your SSAF fees (see next section), check your enrolment, view and print an unofficial transcript and collect your Statements of  Account. If you change your address it is essential that you go to Student Online to update your details.

Financial information

Statement of Account (Invoice)

Within 7 working days after you enrol you will receive your first Statement of Account (Invoice) which is emailed to you at the private email address you provided on your enrolment form. (If you are a returning La Trobe student, you will be emailed your new Statement of Account at your old student email account).  If you do not receive your Statement of Account within 7 business days after you enrol please contact us via:

ALL future Statements of Account will be sent to your student email address. You can access your statements of account from Student Online.

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

All domestic students pay an annual Student Services and Amenities Fee. For current SSAF rates, check the SSAF La Trobe University pages.

The SSAF fee may be paid online, or at the ASK La Trobe counter at your campus. SSAF webpage lists all your payment options.


University policy states that students with outstanding debts will have a sanction placed against their student record. Candidates with a sanction will not have any documents processed and may not be able to graduate until the sanction is lifted. You can read the University's fee policy for more information. [PDF 32KB]