Margot Prior Autism Intervention Centre

This exceptional centre caters for young Autistic children. They receive early supports and care within both specialised and inclusive settings each day.

We successfully tendered for the Victorian Autism-Specific Early Learning and Care Centre. The centre is now known as the Margot Prior Autism Intervention Centre at La Trobe University. The Centre opened in 2010 with funding from the federal government as part of the Helping Children with Autism Initiative.

Parent Inquiries

For inquiries about enrolling your child in daycare, please call (+61 3) 9479 2122 or email

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Approximately 50 children daily participate in an evidence-based early support program called the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM). As well as servicing families, the Centre contributes to research. Our staff and students undertake innovative studies on how preschool children with Autism learn, which in turn enhances the service and improves early learning for children with Autism locally and elsewhere.

Over 300 Autistic children have attended the Centre since 2010

Margot FRame of Mind 2015

The Children's Centre is named after the late Professor Margot Prior OAM (1937-2020).

Read the obituary written by Professor Cheryl Dissanayake.

Autism Connect is a free, national Autism helpline, providing independent information via phone, email and webchat including diagnosis support.

Autism Connect website