ESDM parent and coaching training

The ASELCC utilises the Parent-ESDM (P-ESDM) framework, an approach which focuses on supporting parents and caregivers to develop their own skills and strategies in using the ESDM.

P-ESDM Overview

Parents are supported to use these skills and strategies with their child in play and in everyday routines, for example, meal times, bathing and dressing.

Each family works with their own P-ESDM Coach to build their ESDM skills and to work on their priorities - the things that they really want support with when engaging with their child. The P-ESDM Coach and family collaborate and work closely together.

What does this look like?

Each session is attended by the parents/ caregivers, their child and an ESDM certified therapist who is trained in the P-ESDM. Sessions provide multiple opportunities for the parent/ caregiver to receive hands-on practice with implementing the ESDM techniques with their child with coaching.

Sessions can be conducted at the service or in your home or remotely, by trained P-ESDM Coaches.


The ASELCC is a registered NDIS provider.

Fees are $193.99 per hour, as per the Capacity Building Supports for Early Childhood Interventions - Other Therapy NDIS Item.