Our workshops present up-to-date and evidence based information and are presented by our team of professionals.

Throughout the year our Centre presents family workshops on a range of autism specific topics.

Workshop topics include:

  • Toileting
  • Early Intervention: Understanding Evidence and ‘Best Practice’
  • Supporting Play
  • Transitioning to New Settings
  • Supporting Language Development
  • Supporting Healthy Eating
  • Understanding and Changing Behaviours of Concern
  • Understanding Social and Emotional Development
  • Understanding How Children Learn.

Workshop dates

Workshops are scheduled throughout the year and our Administration Team sends invitations for upcoming workshops to families attending our program, on our wait list and who express interest.

To express interest in upcoming workshops, please email

Workshop fees

ASELCC families are able to access Family Workshops free of charge.

Families in the community are able to access these workshops for $30 per workshop.

Payment details will be sent through once places are confirmed.