Impact of our research

OTARC is committed to ensuring our research delivers real-world impact in practical, measurable ways.

We deliver impact by sharing our research findings widely and by creating evidence-based tools for use in the community. We create pathways for autistic individuals to study with us as well as via work-based learning placements, as research participants, and as researchers.

OTARC's Achievements

The growth of OTARC over its 14 years has enabled us to expand knowledge on autism and achieve research translation through high quality scientific research and community engagement.

  • Development of effective early identification strategies and tools to facilitate earlier diagnoses of children
  • Launched world-first early detection of autism app ASDetect, now translated into Spanish and Mandarin, the worlds two most common languages
  • Developed autism-specific evidence-based content for the Raising Children Network (RCN) website
  • Confirmed validity of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale (HADS), Patient Health Questionaire-9 (PHQ-9) and the Brief COPE in Autistic Adults (in partnership with the Autism CRC)
  • Development of world-first suicide prevention website The Suicide Response Project specifically targeting neurodiverse and LGBTIQA+ communities, to help friends, family and peers come to their aid
  • Creation of resources for neurodiverse students transitioning to higher education at the Neurodiversity Hub
  • Creation of Supporting a neurodiverse workforce: A mental health and well-being resource and training package

Suicide Response Project Neurodiversity Hub

  • Trained all Victorian and Tasmanian Maternal and Child Health nurses in early autism signs
  • Trained female health volunteers in Nepal in early autism signs
  • Trained all early childhood medical professionals in Tianjin (China’s 4th largest city) on early autism signs
  • Creation of world-first online mental health and wellbeing training for managers of autistic staff
  • Developed Australia’s first undergraduate subject on autism, Understanding and Support for Autism
  • Co-developed the National Early Days workshops for families together with the Parenting Research Centre

Undergraduate Autism Subject

OTARC's contributions to policy

We take advantage of opportunities at organisational, State, National, and International levels, to use the latest research from the Centre to inform policy and practice.

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