Since 2008, we have expanded Autism knowledge through high quality scientific research.

Our findings have informed resources, tools, training and support for Autistic people, their families and those that support them. Thank you to our research participants and partners for your support.

Resources and tools

  • Development of effective early identification strategies and tools to aid the earlier diagnoses of children
  • Launched world-first early Autism identification app ASDetect, now translated into Spanish and Mandarin, the worlds two most common languages
  • Developed Autism specific evidence based content for the Raising Children Network (RCN) website
  • Confirmed validity of tools for Autistic adults in partnership with the Autism CRC:
    1. Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale (HADS)
    2. Patient Health Questionnaire - 9 (PHQ-9)
    3. Brief COPE 
  • Development of world-first suicide prevention website The Suicide Response Project specifically targeting neurodivergent and LGBTIQA+ communities, to help friends, family and peers come to their aid
  • Creation of resources for neurodivergent students transitioning to higher education at the Neurodiversity Hub
  • Creation of Supporting a neurodivergent workforce: A mental health and well-being resource and training package.




Business Higher Education Round Table award 2019

Outstanding Collaboration for National Benefit for 2019 for the ASDetect app

ASDetect news article



State iAward 2016

National iAward 2016

iAward website



Google Impact Challenge Australia 2016

A smartphone app to help parents identify Autism.

ASDetect website