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Peer-reviewed articles

Diagnostic Accuracy of the Social Attention and Communication Surveillance-Revised With Preschool Tool for Early Autism Detection in Very Young Children
Understanding language preference: Autism knowledge, experience of stigma and autism identity
Brief Report: Learning about autism: Is the source of autism knowledge associated with differences in autism knowledge, autism identity, and experiences of stigma
The stereotype content model and disabilities
  • Canton, E., Hedley, D., & Spoor, J. R. Journal of Social Psychology.
The Early Childhood Signs of Autism in Females: a Systematic Review
  • Chellew, T., Barbaro, J., & Freeman, N.C. Review Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.
Brief Report: Discrete Effortful Control Skills Moderate Relations Between Childhood Behavioural Inhibition and Mental Health Difficulties in Autistic Youth
Continuity of temperament subgroup classifications from infancy to toddlerhood in the context of early autism traits
  • Chetcuti, L., Uljarević, M., Varcin, K. J., Boutrus, M., Dimov, S., Pillar, S., Barbaro, J., Dissanayake, C. … & AICES Team. Autism Research.
Characteristics of children attending an autism specific early learning and care setting prior to and following introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme
Does exercise affect quality of life and participation of adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy: a systematic review
  • Czencz, J., Shields, N., Wallen, M., Wilson, P. H., McGuckian, T. B., & Imms, C. Disability and rehabilitation.
Leisure, employment, community participation and quality of life in caregivers of autistic children: A scoping review
Parental experience of an early developmental surveillance programme for autism within Australian general practice: a qualitative study
Eating Challenges in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Development and Validation of the “Aut-Eat” Questionnaire (AEQ)
  • Gal, E., Gal-Mishael, R., Vissoker, R. E., Hedley, D., Bury, S. M., & Stolar, O. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.
The Efficacy of Disability Employment Service (DES) Providers Working with Autistic Clients
The Suicidal Ideation Attributes Scale-Modified (SIDAS-M): Development and preliminary validation of a new scale for the measurement of suicidal ideation in autistic adults
Cost-benefit analysis of a non-government organization and Australian government collaborative supported employment program for autistic people
Suicide by young Australians, 2006–2015: a cross-sectional analysis of national coronial data [Letter]
  • Hedley, D., Stokes, M. A., & Trollor, J. N. Medical Journal of Australia.
Autistic Adults' Experiences of Diagnosis Disclosure
  • Huang, Y., Hwang, Y. I. J., Arnold, S. R. C., Lawson, L. P., Richdale, A. L., & Trollor, J. N. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.
Social Support Initiatives That Facilitate Exercise Participation in Community Gyms for People with Disability: A Scoping Review
  • Kennedy, R. A., McKenzie, G., Holmes, C., & Shields, N. International journal of environmental research and public health.
Preliminary Validation and Feasibility of the Autism Detection in Early Childhood-Virtual (ADEC-V) for Autism Telehealth Evaluations in a Hospital Setting
  • Kryszak, E. M., Albright, C. M., Stephenson, K. G., Nevill, R. E., Hedley, D., et al. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.
Sensorimotor Surveillance in the First Year of Life: Imperatives for Physical and Occupational Therapy Practice. A Commentary on "Posture Matters: Object Manipulation during the Transition to Arms-Free Sitting in Infants at Elevated vs. Typical Likelihood for Autism Spectrum Disorder"
  • Lane, A. E., & Heathcock, J. Physical & occupational therapy in pediatrics.
Patterns of sensory modulation by age and sex in young people on the autism spectrum
  • Lane, A. E., Simpson, K., Masi, A., Grove, R., Moni, M. A., et al. Autism Research.
ACT-i, an insomnia intervention for autistic adults: A pilot study
  • Lawson, L., Richdale, A. L., Denney, K., & Morris, E. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy.
Do the means affect the ends? Radical tactics influence motivation and action tendencies via the perceived legitimacy and efficacy of those actions
  • Lizzio‐Wilson, M., Thomas, E. F., Louis, W. R., Amiot, C. E., Bury, S. M., et al. European journal of social psychology.
The Lancet Commission on the future of care and clinical research in autism [Review]
  • Lord, C., Charman, T., Havdahl, A., Carbone, P., Anagnostou, E., … Dissanayake, C. et al. The Lancet.
Visual Detection and Decoding Skills of Aerial Photography by Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Marciano, H., Gal, E., Kimchi, R., Hedley, D., Goldfarb, Y., & Bonneh, Y. S. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.
A conceptual model of risk and protective factors for autistic burnout
Brief report: bidirectional association of core autism features and cognitive abilities in early childhood
  • McGowan, K., Berends, D., Hudry, K., Vivanti, G., Dissanayake, C. & Bent, C. A. Journal of autism and developmental disorders.
Factors associated with the early emergence of atypical feeding behaviours in infants and young children: A scoping review
Associations between coping strategies and mental health outcomes in autistic adults
Coping-resilience profiles and experiences of stress in autistic adults
Conceptualising Autistic Masking, Camouflaging, and Neurotypical Privilege: Towards a Minority Group Model of Neurodiversity
Consumer engagement in doctoral research - what difference does it make?.
Progressive resistance training in young people with Prader-Willi syndrome: protocol for a randomised trial (PRESTO)
  • Shields, N., Bennell, K. L., Southby, A., Rice, L. J., Markovic, T., Bigby, C., et al. BMJ open.
Changes in Knowledge on the Signs of Autism in Young Children (11–30 Months) among Female Community Health Volunteers in Nepal
The utility of LENA as an indicator of developmental outcomes for young children with autism
  • Sulek, R., Smith, J., Bent, C. A., Hudry, K., Trembath, D., Vivanti, G., & Dissanayake, C. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders.
Spoken Language Change in Children on the Autism Spectrum Receiving Community-Based Interventions
  • Trembath, D., Stainer, M., Caithness, T., Dissanayake, C.… Tucker, M. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.
Social and Behavioural Outcomes of School Aged Autistic Children Who Received Community-Based Early Interventions
  • Vinen, Z., Clark, M., & Dissanayake, C. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.
Characteristics of children on the autism spectrum who benefit the most from receiving intervention in inclusive versus specialised early childhood education settings
  • Vivanti, G., Bent, C., Capes, K., Upson, S., Hudry, K., Dissanayake, C. & The Victorian, A. T. Autism Research.
Parent-infant interaction quality is related to preterm status and sensory processing
  • Woolard, A., Coleman, A., Johnson, T., Wakely, K., Campbell, L. E., … & Lane, A. E. Infant behavior & development.

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