Frequently Asked Questions

What is the La Trobe Accelerator Program (LTAP)?

La Trobe Accelerator Program is a start-up program that’s targeted on building Victoria’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. This program accelerates the development of start-ups over a 12-week period and is open to the community regional community members, La Trobe staff, students or alumni in all industry sectors. Successful teams receive up to $20,000 to bring their ideas to life plus access to:

  • mentors
  • workspaces
  • allied resources
  • seminars
  • workshops.

Through our partnership with LaunchVic, Deakin University and Federation University, the La Trobe Accelerator Program is uniquely positioned to unlock the innovation within Victoria’s regional communities. LTAP's governance model and source of funding allow LTAP to attract the best and the brightest into the program regardless of where the ideas originate.

At the La Trobe Accelerator Program, we are breaking down the competition barrier…

LTAP’s collaborative model enables a range of initiatives, including:

  • joint pitching forums, joint public forums and close interaction and collaboration between LTAP and other accelerators
  • the ability to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem across the regional Victoria
  • establishing strategic alliances with key commercial partners.

Eligibility Criteria

i) At least one member of the team needs to be student, staff or alumni of any year from La Trobe University.

And / or
ii) All Victorian community members from the regions are welcome to participate. The first condition does not apply to them.

All applicants are required to be in attendance for the key dates.

All selected start-ups must be available for the Graduation Ceremony (more details below).

How do I apply?

Applications for the La Trobe Accelerator Program usually open between April-July each year. Please visit our homepage during this time to find the applications link. For the process of selection, please refer to the below section “How does it work”. We prepare interested teams to progress, please register if you want to be taken into account for preparation workshops.

How does it work?

There are two components of the La Trobe Accelerator Program:

1. La Trobe Primer Accelerator Program (PAP)

(1 week)

The primary purpose of a pre-accelerator program is to prepare teams for the selection into an accelerator.

For teams to be selected into PAP, they must

  • be eligible – i.e. link with La Trobe or regional
  • stand out (from the crowd of applicants)

La Trobe’s Primer Accelerator Program (PAP) primer objective, is to bring the understanding and open-mind needed to further progress in your business. The program also helps teams to better understand their immediate needs and goals for a substantial progress. During the whole PAP teams are observed and assessed by our experts. Teamwork and commitment are constantly evaluated.

For our 2018 intake, we expect to invite 30 teams in our LTAP Primer and select 10 in LTAP. We expect at least 50% regional presence from all campuses of La Trobe.

2. La Trobe Accelerator Program (LTAP)

(12 weeks)

Please refer to the information above.

Does the La Trobe Accelerator Program (LTAP) offer internships?

Yes! We pair students from the Business School and College of Science, Health and Engineering (as and when required) with every team both in our Primer and Program. Doing so allows the student to get relevant work experience, whereas the teams benefit from getting an overall business development support framework.

As part of our strategic plan 2018 – 2022, we are committed to contributing to the university’s goal to be top 12 in Australia and top in Victoria for graduates in full-time employment (as measured by the Graduate Outcomes Survey).

Can we be contacted for start-up support in case a venture is ineligible or intending to apply for the La Trobe Accelerator Program (LTAP)?

Yes, you can contact us. However, please be forthcoming about:

  • how we can help you (what kind of support you want)
  • what you want to work on (e.g. Business Plan, Market Validation, Venture Capital etc.).

We welcome all queries, but we cannot promise we will provide extensive feedback at all times. However, we will try in our best to help you out.

What does the program offer?

  • We take no equity in exchange for seed funding. We have a $100,000 non-equity seed fund (we do not take a share of your business)
  • Start-up teams can receive up to $20,000 to use while participating in the program
  • We may invest at the end of the program period
  • We have a strong program of investor preparation and can introduce you to venture capital firms
  • Start-ups meet investors twice during their incubation period
  • Start-ups benefit from:
    • workshops
    • coaching
    • mentoring
    • office resources
    • Intellectual Property and related advice
    • business advice from our program partners

What types of teams can participate?

La Trobe Accelerator Program does not have any restrictions on the type or industry sector a company belongs to. We are looking for start-ups that have the potential for growth.

What happens after the program concludes?

After graduating from the La Trobe Accelerator Program (LTAP), you will continue to have access to our global networks, events and resources. The team of LTAP, its mentors and coaches are committed to helping you in every step of your way, helping you accomplish what you had set out to achieve.

Can I apply, if I am or had participated in another accelerator/entrepreneurship program?

Feel free to apply for the La Trobe Accelerator Program. Every individual case is judged on a one-to-one basis.

Can I participate in the La Trobe Accelerator Program (LTAP) if I am not a part of a start-up?

Yes, you can, in the following ways:

Be part of a team

Are you studying at La Trobe, and are interesting in building your entrepreneurial skill set? Do you want to gather some work experience that sets you apart from the rest?

Here are eight reasons to enter the start-up world:

  • you will have more responsibility
  • you will be given more opportunities
  • you will be able to do lot of different things
  • you will learn from true innovators
  • your work will be recognised (as will your failures)
  • you will work in an excellent atmosphere
  • you will learn to be frugal
  • you will be instilled with the value of hard work, ownership, and self-sustainability.

If the above sounds exciting to you, express your interest in working in our start-up community.

Be a mentor

Become a mentor in our entrepreneurial community and feed your passion through nurturing successful start-ups.

We are actively seeking people who:

  • Enjoy providing guidance with constructive feedback.
  • Love to share their experiences and insights
  • Make time to help others
  • Are enthusiastic towards various business ideas
  • Are willing to share their connections to benefit their mentees.

If you are motivated to give back to excited entrepreneurs and encouraging them to build their own success stories, then register your interest in becoming a mentor.

Contribute as an ambassador – Build our entrepreneurial community by promoting our activities and events. As an ambassador of the La Trobe Accelerator program, you share entrepreneurial values and are engaged and willing to spread this culture.

Is there a Graduation Ceremony?

The La Trobe Accelerator Program concludes with a Graduation Ceremony, an exciting platform for our start-ups to gain recognition and potentially secure further investment at the end of the incubation period. The start-ups will pitch their businesses to an expected audience of 150 stakeholders, including investors.

Successful start-up teams are expected to:

  • devote a significant amount of time to their start-up over the incubation period
  • work at our dedicated co-working spaces on campuses
  • utilise the mentoring and coaching available through the program
  • attend workshops and regular events.

Who should I contact to get more information about the La Trobe Accelerator Program?

Please send us an email on with your queries or get in touch with the following people to find out more: