About the Department

The Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution unites scientists working across ecology, evolution, biodiversity, botany, zoology and environmental science. Together we are expanding the frontiers of scientific knowledge with research grounded in empirical enquiry.

We ask fundamental and applied questions, examining a diversity of organisms ranging from microbes to charismatic megafauna. Our researchers work in a variety of ecosystems in Australia and overseas including alpine peaks, deserts, grasslands, oceans, rainforests, semi-Arid Mallee, etc.

Our department's research findings are reported in a range of scientific journals, including the prestigious Science and Nature, as well as mainstream media, and it regularly serves to inform government policy. Find out more about our staff's work on the Research specialisations page.

Our staff work to develop graduates' skills in plant and animal identification, field survey skills and the latest laboratory techniques. Our department runs a variety of dedicated field courses and has access to superb natural habitats found in the university's Wildlife Sanctuary and surrounding areas.

Our staff

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