Murphy - Skeletal muscle biochemistry

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Robyn MurphyDr Robyn Murphy

Associate Professor, College of Science, Health and Engineering

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Research overview

Our group studies the various aspects of skeletal muscle biochemistry in health and disease, using exercise and disease models in humans, as well as animal models.

Perturbations in the ability of skeletal muscle to produce force results in muscle weakness and can affect the ability of an individual to live independently, maintain energy homeostasis and recover from periods of muscle disuse.  Specifically, in muscle samples, we measure proteins in segments of individual fibres allowing issues with skeletal muscle heterogeneity to be overcome.

We also examine movement of proteins following micro-dissection of fibres, allowing us to quantitatively assess the redistribution of proteins following interventions. Our research aims to understand how changes in protein abundance and/or their movements that occur as a result of exercise, disease and ageing can affect the ability of muscle to produce force and thereby confer strength and stability. Such understandings will contribute to understanding how we can maintain strong muscles for a healthy life.

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