University Ombudsman

Professor Andrew Brennan became La Trobe University Ombudsman in early 2016, having previously held the posts of Professor of Philosophy and Pro Vice-Chancellor.

Before joining La Trobe in 2006, he was professor and chair of philosophy at the University of Western Australia in Perth.  He has also held professorial posts at the University of Oslo in Norway, and the City University of Hong Kong.

Professor Brennan specialises in ethics and environmental philosophy. He is co-author of Understanding Environmental Philosophy (Routledge 2014), and he has also written recently on topics in history of science, biodiversity and the ethics of dignity.

Professor Brennan has also had long-term involvement with the use and care of animals in scientific settings, and is a member of the Council of the Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART).

What is the role of the University Ombudsman?

The function of the University Ombudsman's Office is to provide all members of the University with access to independent arbitration or conciliation after all internal avenues of appeal or redress have been exhausted. The Ombudsman is also the official point of contact for anyone wishing to report improper or corrupt conduct (as defined by the State of Victoria Protected Disclosure Act 2012).

For this purpose, members of the University are all:

  • enrolled students
  • graduates
  • staff
  • members of Council
  • residents of Colleges
  • students enrolled in courses at La Trobe (Melbourne), La Trobe University Sydney Campus (LTUSC) and Chisholm Institute (Dandenong)

The University Ombudsman
Professor Andrew Brennan
Located within the offices of Equity and Diversity
Room 136, Level 1, Peribolos East
Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus
Tel: (03) 9479 1897 or (03) 9479 1435
Fax: (03) 9479 3897

Please view La Trobe University's Policies and Procedures website for more information.