Deputy Vice Chancellor (Future Growth)

Dr Stacey Farraway is the inaugural Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Future Growth at La Trobe University.

Dr Farraway joined La Trobe in May 2020 as Pro Vice-Chancellor (International). She assumed additional responsibility for the University's recruitment programs when she was appointed as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Recruitment and International Operations) in 2021. Prior to being appointed in this role, Dr Farrway acted as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global) from August to October 2022 with responsibility for overseeing the University's strategic program to connect both globally and locally to attract students and partners.

The DVC (Future Growth) has responsibility for global partnerships and operations; student recruitment and engagement both domestically and internationally; and marketing, media, and communications for the University.

Dr Farraway has had a successful career in international education for more than 20 years. She held senior roles at the Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University and Charles Darwin University before joining La Trobe. Her doctoral degree from the University of Newcastle analysed drivers of international student choice and marketing channels for higher education and considered the ways that collaborations between international partners influence choice and facilitate the movement and flow of international students.