Managing your research progress and candidature

With our research and candidature management framework, we aim to set you up for success. The framework is governed by our policies.

We want to make sure that all graduate research candidates at La Trobe University:

  • are supported to produce high quality research, to complete their degrees on time and to make the most of their university experience
  • know what is expected of them and what success looks like
  • develop the skills to become independent researchers and/or pursue careers outside of academia.

In this section of our website, you will find all the information you need on managing your candidature and research progress through your degree.

Read the policy documents

You can read the detail in the Policy Library here:

How have the policies changed in 2017?

La Trobe introduced new progress and candidature policies in late 2017.

The changes made to candidature and progress management help candidates and supervisors track progress and access support when it’s needed most. Our aim is to make sure candidates are best positioned to complete quality research projects, on time.

Candidature policy

Our new candidature policy has been made more comprehensive to include extended leave provisions and changes to the way variations such as extensions, cessations and transfers are handled.

Changes include:

  • a new induction checklist
  • the introduction of minimum and expected periods of candidature
  • new sections on coursework, outside research, concurrent enrolment, early submission, appeals/complaints, hours of study.

Find out more in our section on managing your candidature.

Progress policy

Our new progress policy aims to help candidates stay on track. With better guidance on what good progress looks like across candidature, candidates will be able identify problems early and get support without wasting time.

Major changes include:

  • personalised due dates for progress reports, with reminder notifications
  • the introduction of University-wide standard milestone standards, including compulsory oral presentations and meeting requirements
  • clear processes for supporting candidates experiencing progress difficulties.

Find out more in our section on managing your research progress .