Postponing milestones

Where possible, progress meetings should be arranged so that the report can be submitted by the due date. We do however, understand that sometimes life gets in the way and despite the best intentions your report hasn’t quite reached us by the due date. You can therefore submit your report within the following grace periods with the agreement of your principal supervisor:

  • 8 weeks for Masters by research degrees
  • 12 weeks for Doctoral degrees

Keep in mind that if you postpone a milestone in this way the dates of any subsequent milestones or your expected work submission date (EWSD) will not change.

Please note:

  • If your progress has been marked at-risk and you are on a Progress Support Plan, you must still hold your attempt at the milestone by the planned date; this cannot be postponed.
  • If you wish to postpone a milestone or your EWSD outside of the grace period you must obtain approval by submitting a Graduate Research Extension or Postponement form via StudentOnLine.
  • The grace period window is calendar time, i.e. it is the same for full-time and part-time candidates.

We recommend that if there are unresolved issues affecting your progress, or if you need additional support, you proceed with your Progress Committee milestone meeting as planned or hold an ad hoc progress review meeting to address any problems (you can request an ad hoc review form by emailing with the date you wish to hold it). It is important not to defer the resolution of any issues! If you wish to still meet the set milestone dates you can of course still do so.

If your report is delayed for reasons unrelated to your progress – such as illness, carer responsibilities, or difficulties with supervision – you should consider other variations to candidature such as a leave of absence or change in supervision. More information on candidature variations is available in the Graduate Research Candidature Policy and you can find all the relevant forms via StudentOnLine. Help guides are available – please expand ‘Graduate Research Candidates’.

If you take leave of change from full-time to part-time candidature, your milestone due dates, expected work submission date and maximum completion date will be adjusted accordingly without needing to apply separately to postpone.

If you make no attempt to meet milestone requirements by conclusion of your maximum postponement period, you will be asked to Show Cause.