Show cause procedure

If you are asked to ‘show cause’, you will be asked to illustrate why your candidature should not be terminated by the university once all support strategies have been exhausted.

You may be asked to show cause only

  • if you have not made an attempt to meet milestone requirements within the maximum allowable postponement period without approval, or
  • if your Progress Committee determines that your progress is unsatisfactory after a second attempt at a milestone, or
  • if your Progress Committee determines that your progress is unsatisfactory when they meet to formally review your progress at the end of a Progress Support Plan

The University’s rules about academic progress monitoring and intervention, including the appeals process are governed by

Who can I contact for help?

You are encouraged to contact the Student Advocates on your campus who can provide advice and help on your situation. As a La Trobe student, you are entitled to receive free personal and private support from a Student Advocate who can help you to

  • understand your individual situation and discuss available options;
  • understand University Policy and Procedures; and
  • prepare your show cause submission
  • attend meetings with you as a support person

Further information regarding the support provided by the Student Advocates can be found on the Student Union website. You can find the details of your Student Advocates by emailing the Student Union directly, calling +61 (03) 9479 2314, or visiting the Student Union Office on your campus.

All students are also eligible for free and confidential Wellbeing Support Services.

If you are an international student, the outcome may change the duration of your course, which could impact on your student visa and Confirmation of Enrolment. If you are a sponsored student this may also have implications for your sponsorship. Please seek advice from La Trobe International and International Student Services to discuss your options.