Progress committees and progress committee members

Throughout your candidature you will have regular milestone meetings with your Progress Committee where you will report on your research progress. Your Progress Committee is there to:

  • support your work, provide feedback and help solve problems
  • comment on progress reports and written work
  • offer other forms of advice and support.

Who is on my Progress Committee?

Your Progress Committee will consist of all members of your supervisory team and a committee chair. Your Progress Committee chair must be independent, meaning that they cannot have any direct involvement in your research.

An additional independent member, who may be external to your department, school or University can also be appointed if appropriate.

How and when is my Progress Committee appointed?

Your Progress Committee should be established within the first three months after your enrolment and the details entered on your induction checklist.

As you complete your induction checklist, discuss the membership of your Progress Committee with your supervisor and Graduate Research Coordinator. Before confirming the members of your Progress Committee’s members, your Graduate Research Coordinator will consult with you, your supervisors and your nominated chair to see if:

  • you want to nominate anyone as an independent member
  • there are any known or potential conflicts of interest.

Once you submit your checklist, your progress committee membership will be approved by your Graduate Research Coordinator and then their details entered in the system by the Graduate Research School.

If you have any concerns about the membership of your Progress Committee, speak with your Graduate Research Coordinator or your School's Director of Graduate Research.