Single Session Thinking: Families with Children and Youth

Learn to adapt Single Session Thinking principles to working with families with children aged 5-17 years.

Narrated by clinical child psychologist Professor Jenn McIntosh of The Bouverie Centre, this course builds upon the learnings of our self-paced online course, Single Session Thinking.

In Single Session Thinking: Families with Children and Youth (SST-FCY), you will have the opportunity to learn to adapt SST principles to working with families with children, aged 5-17 years, who present with behavioural, social, and emotional difficulties. The course content will draw on the current peer-reviewed research on childhood internalising and externalising conditions. On a practical level, this course shows ways in which you can incorporate a single session approach into family work with children present in the room.

You can expect interviews with leading family therapists and resources to help you implement these practices in your work. The program also features clinical insights from Karen Story and Dr. Paul Denborough, leading practitioners in this space.

Below is a sneak peak of the course. Click to view the video.

Image of SST-FCY course cover

Course Structure

Module 1: Be introduced to SST and its underpinnings in family therapy and systems thinking. From here, we then look at the rationale, family and service benefits, and evidence of SST-FCY.

Module 2: Build your foundations of SST-FCY using Family Systems Theory and Techniques and then develop the skills for applying SST to work with families in the childhood years

Module 3: Use the research evidence on childhood mental health disorders to support SST with families

Module 4: Learn to have meaningful engagement with children, adolescents and their families and pick up practical strategies and tools for working with them in a session.

Module 5: Hear Bouverie's therapists reflect on working with families with children and adolescents and find out how you can make the most of a single conversation.


AUD$231 (incl. GST) for three months' unlimited access.

Course duration

This course takes approximately five hours to complete. You can leave the course at any time and your progress will be saved.

What does this include

Once you receive your login details, you will have three months' access to the course and resources including interviews.

The online course consists of five modules containing research, practice tips, video interviews, micro analyses of sessions by practitioners and experts, practical tools, interactive exercises, reflective questions, and client and practitioner experiences.

You will receive a certificate of completion (5 hours CPD) upon completion of the required learning.

Suitable for

Practitioners working in the Child and Adolescent mental health field.

Recommended prior learning

Narrated by Professor Jeff Young of The Bouverie Centre, a pioneer of SST,  this course provides a strong foundational grounding in the clinical principles and evidence of SST. It introduces the application of SST to a variety of contexts illustrated by practice examples, and provides resources for implementing SST into clinical practice.

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