Training at your workplace

Our workplace training aims to help your team grow and adapt to support your clients and their families.

We can customise our training to the needs of your team and deliver it to your workforce.

Our comprehensive service goes beyond the delivery of training to help you work out the practice model that will best fit your organisation and how the new practice will be incorporated and sustained. This can also include post-training supervision that increases the likelihood that your investment in workforce development will result in the change you are wanting.

We can also work with you and your organisation to develop new or adapt existing practices for your team or service.


Interested in training with The Bouverie Centre?

Access the Training Request Form by clicking the button below. Completion of this form will help us to respond to your request as efficiently as possible. It will be allocated to a staff member with relevant expertise and we will endeavour to respond within five business days.

Practice Support

In addition to training, The Bouverie Centre provides several services designed to support practitioners and organisations in relation to their work with their clients. These services are provided in a group format to practitioners.

Practice Implementation and Support is provided to support practitioners in the use of a defined practice and is usually provided after participants have completed training in that practice with The Bouverie Centre. Sessions can focus exclusively on the practitioner’s use of the practice or can include consideration of the wider integration of the practice within the organisation.

Secondary Consultations are provided to teams or groups of practitioners in relation to a specific family to assist the practitioner in their work with the family as a one-off session, or for an agreed number of sessions. Participants usually take turns to present their work with families and learn from each other and the consultant.

Clinical Supervision delivers a process and structure that builds practitioners’ supervisory strengths, skills and capabilities. It is facilitated by a trained clinical supervisor and is provided on a group basis for an agreed number of sessions.

Supervision of Supervision (SOS) provides supervision to practitioners who are in a supervisory role. It is provided on a group basis for an agreed number of sessions.