Single Session Thinking

Single Session Thinking (SST) is an approach which makes the most of each encounter with clients by treating each contact, but especially the first, as though it may be the only contact. At the same time, it lays the foundation for ongoing work, if required and requested by the client.

This fully self-paced online course, taught by Australia’s key developers and proponents of SST, Professor Jeffrey Young and Pam Rycroft, provides solid grounding in SST. It will introduce you to the research and clinical observations underlying SST and will take you through a variety of practical applications of the model.

You will receive resources for implementing SST in your own practice, and/or in your organisation, including:

  • Implementation guidelines
  • Tips and action plans
  • Diverse practice examples
  • Advice based on years of experience

Hear more about this training from Professor Jeffrey Young, one of Australia's key developers and proponents of SST.


Self-paced online, available 24/7

Access Period

3 months


7 CPD hours


$247.50 (GST included)


Prof. Jeff Young
Pam Rycroft

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Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduces SST
  • Module 2: Translates SST into practice
  • Module 3: Unpacks the practice principles and techniques of SST
  • Module 4: Provides a simulated video example of SST in action, from start to finish, from intake to follow-up
  • Module 5: Provides references and tools to aid and support implementation of SST into practice, in your work and organisation

What will you Learn?

On completion of SST, you will have an understanding of:

  • The history, development and theory of SST
  • How to translate SST into practice
  • The SST practice guidelines
  • How an SST session unfolds, including pre- and post-session events
  • How to implement SST into your own practice and/or organisation

Relevant Audience

Professionals, including counsellors, therapists, case managers, team leaders and managers who are interested in understanding and/or applying an SST approach. This can either be applied in their individual clinical practice or as a treatment modality within their agency.

Related Training

Single Session Thinking in Practice is the practice companion to the self-paced online training. This implementation-focused workshop aims to help participants as they begin applying SST in their work. Emphasising the direct clinician–client relationship, it will recap key points from the self-paced course and guide the participant through experiential activities to help embed SST into their own practice.