Each year training workshops will be developed in collaboration with the Graduate Research School’s RED team program. Training will include experimental design, quantitative methods and statistical analysis.

Please check the RED program for other courses.

2018 Sessions
DateSession titleCampusBooking

Statistical Analysis Using SPSS

A one hour introductory tutorial which guides users through the basics of SPSS.

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June 4 - July 16

Introductory Statistics Online

This six week online course introduces students to the basics of applied statistics used in disciplines including psychology, biology, medicine, health, engineering, business, sociology and the arts. The three main areas of study are descriptive statistics, probability distributions and statistical inference.

The SPSS statistical computing package is an integral part of the course.

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June 21

Introduction to Programming with Python

In this live coding workshop you will learn:

  • Programming concepts and techniques.
  • Basic syntax, control structures and data types in Python.
  • How to import powerful libraries that support numerical analysis
    (NumPy) and visualisation (Matplotlib)
  • approaches to debugging, testing and defensive programming.
  • How to blend code, output and documentation with Jupyter

Application is by expression of interest.

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June 29

Intermediate to Advanced Programming in R

R is quickly gaining popularity as a programming language of choice for statisticians, data scientists and researchers.

Join us for this coding workshop to learn advanced programming concepts and techniques in R, dataframe manipulation using the dplyr and tidyr packages, visualisation using the ggplot2 package and best practices for writing code in RStudio.

Application is by expression of interest.

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July 24

Excel Fu for Researchers

Data rarely comes in the form you require. Often it is messy and incomplete. And sometimes there's too much of it.

In this workshop we'll use one of the most widespread data wrangling tools, Microsoft Excel, to import, sort, filter, copy, protect, transform, summarise, merge, and visualise research data.

Application is by expression of interest.

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September 26-27

Basic Statistics with R

Learn a simple yet powerful way to design and carry out analyses in R.

This workshop introduces statistical concepts in a non technical way and emphasises their practical application in R. Participants will have plenty of opportunities to gain hands-on experience and access in-class support.

The R package will be used within the user-friendly R-Studio interface.


Introduction to Data Analysis in Stata

Learn hands-on techniques which reveal trends in data in this 1 day introductory workshop.