Each year training workshops will be developed in collaboration with the Graduate Research School’s RED team program. Training will include experimental design, quantitative methods and statistical analysis.

Please check the RED program for other courses.

2022 Sessions

DateSession titleCampusBooking

Statistical Analysis Using SPSS

A one hour introductory tutorial which guides users through the basics of SPSS.

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October 24 - December 2

Introductory Statistics Online

This six week online course introduces students to the basics of applied statistics used in disciplines including psychology, biology, medicine, health, engineering, business, sociology and the arts. The three main areas of study are descriptive statistics, probability distributions and statistical inference.

The SPSS statistical computing package is an integral part of the course.

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November 30

Data Capture and Surveys with REDCap

Application is by expression of interest.

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December 1

Sample Size Calculation Workshop
Using free software for sample size and statistical power calculations

G*Power is a free statistical software package for power and sample size analysis. It offers point-and-click functionality and covers a wide variety of statistical tests.

The workshop includes concepts of statistical power and relevant statistical tests presented in a non-technical way. Designed to be hands-on, the workshop focuses on the practical application of statistical methods.

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December 6 & 7

Learn to Program: Python

Application is by expression of interest.

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Introduction to SQL, Crash Course

This workshop is a gentle, fast paced introduction to SQL. Our objective is to build a strong foundation and intuition, with an emphasis on retrieving and transforming data without making mistakes or suffering immensely.  SQL skills are in very high demand, as a core skill for data scientists. Learning SQL will also help you think logically about the structure of data sets.

The workshop is suitable for beginners, with no prior programming experience. However, for those with a thirst for adrenaline, parts of it will prove challenging, even for experienced non-SQL programmers.