Statistics Consultancy Platform

The La Trobe University Statistics Consultancy Platform enables and accelerates research programs by providing statistical advice about research methods, experimental design and data analysis for projects.

The services available to industry collaborators, researchers and Graduate Research students include:

  • statistical analysis of data
  • statistical support for grant applications
  • guidance on designing a study, survey or questionnaire
  • advice on data collection methods
  • training in a particular area of statistics
  • advice on how to model statistical data
  • access to specialist statistical software
  • help with communicating statistical findings.

The platform is also developing a network of people with various statistical interests or skills who can be partnered as collaborators, join grants as a Chief Investigator, co-author papers or form a community of practice.

For further information about the Statistics Research Platform, please contact:
T: (61) 03 9479 3689

Download the platform brochure [PDF 268KB]

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