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Our Melbourne Campus offers you the opportunity to work alongside dedicated research teams with leading facilities.

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Our researchers work in partnership with community groups, industry and government to create opportunities and address issues of local, national and international importance. Our research positively impacts the communities we serve. We are constantly seeking new ways to engage with and better serve our partners and our communities, to build relationships and develop solutions for the issues facing our society. Explore our Research vision and Research themes.

Our Melbourne Campus is home to specialised research centres and institutes, including the:

Research & Innovation Precinct

Whether you are a start-up, entrepreneur, SME, corporate or government agency, our Research and Innovation Precinct is designed to help your business and employees thrive. The Precinct offers our co-located partners priority access to globally renowned researchers, world-class facilities and infrastructure and the vibrancy and facilities that our Melbourne Campus provides.

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We’re committed to extending the frontiers of knowledge, developing technology, and advancing education with real-world impact. Our staff are at the top of their research domain and we are very proud of our track record of excellence in both teaching and research.