Corporate social responsibility, governance and business ethics


This research specialisation encompasses the work of academics working across the related fields of corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and governance. The work is international in context with international projects from Australia, New Zealand, France, Finland, UK, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. We bring together researchers conducting research in the corporate sector as well as those working in the field of labour, human rights, education, and NGOs.

Our research seeks to address the dichotomy between shareholder and stakeholder foci exploring the priorities of boards of management, managers, industry groups, rating agencies, as well as government and civil society actors in the governance system. This work also shows the inter-relationship between governance, CSR and ethics and how the use of a stakeholder focus, and longer timeframes can help bring together the shareholder and stakeholder approaches to understanding organisational purpose and decision-making.

Corporate strategies and actions are explored and critiqued from interdisciplinary perspectives, both at the macro level as well as at the micro level exploring organisational and managerial decision-making. Furthermore, the implications of these approaches on stakeholders are the focus of many projects covering boards, managers, employees, contractors, volunteers and local and international communities. Projects include ESG Risk Management, Sustainable Procurement, Social Risk and Cultural Change, Governance and Diversity in Boards, CSR and Business Ethics, and Responsible Management Education.

The body of work adopts a variety of paradigms, from risk management to strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, and diversity, gender and human rights, to understand the actions of a variety of actors. Moreover the specialisation encompasses education research and highlights how responsible management education can improve graduate attributes and business practices.

If you are interested in finding out more about our research interests, or wish to get in touch, please contact Professor Suzanne Young.