Community of Practice

La Trobe researchers, including graduate researchers are invited to join the Digital Health Community of Practice.

Digital Health has gained a lot of momentum at La Trobe University in the recent years. This Community of Practice has been formed to bring together researchers and academics who share the passion of digital health and interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences in this area of research interest at La Trobe.

By joining the Community of Practice, you’ll be collaborating with colleagues across disciplines, learning and sharing knowledge. The Community will come together in a Teams site, where members can communicate with each other and share new information. There will also be regular forums for the Community, which will introduce you to new topics and give you the opportunity to meet other researchers across La Trobe.

If you would like to join the Digital Health Community of Practice, click the button below:

Please sign me up to the Digital Health Community of Practice

The Digital Health Community of Practice is being managed by Professor James Boyd, Chair of Digital Health. It is open to all staff and researchers across La Trobe with knowledge of digital health, or a desire to learn more. If you would like to find out if the Community is right for you, please contact James.