Microorganisms are the most diverse and abundant organisms on our planet. Research into microbiology crosses the fields of:

  • fundamental biochemistry
  • physiology
  • immunology
  • cell biology
  • ecology
  • evolution
  • medicine
  • application of microorganisms to
    • health
    • industrial
    • agricultural and environmental processes.

The Discipline of Microbiology at La Trobe was founded in 1975 and has maintained research excellence across a broad range of fields from medical to environmental. Microbiological research at La Trobe been ranked as top in the country (ERA ranking of 5 in 2012 and 2015) and is recognised internationally as evidenced by high profile publications and collaborations.

Research groups focus on the innate immune response to viruses, bacterial-host interactions, parasitology, applied and environmental microbiology, microbial genetics, and mitochondria dysfunction.

Microbiology is a component of several undergraduate courses at La Trobe University. Cutting edge research is integrated into our teaching programs through undergraduate practical programs and research-intensive Honours, Masters and PhD programs.

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Careers in Microbiology

Students from microbiology pursue careers in a diverse range of industries to become research scientists, technicians, regulators, managers, writers, teachers, quality assurance officers, consultants and cicerones.

Fields and positions of employment include:

  • pharmaceutical industry
  • pathology
  • forensic science
  • environmental agencies
  • agriculture
  • food and craft beverages
  • water and waste treatment industries
  • customs and immigration

Our research students find employment as research scientists in hospitals, universities and research institutes around the world.