About the fees

  • Fees are payable in advance, on a weekly basis.
  • Non-payment of fees will result in exclusion from the Children's Centre until the account is paid in full.
  • Statements will be forwarded to families at the end of each month. This is not a reminder to pay, merely a service to facilitate monitoring of your account.
  • The Centre Committee determines fees. These fees are subject to alteration by the Children's Centre Committee (during the current year).
  • The compulsory payment period for staff and students is between the first day of first semester and the official end of the second semester examination period. If a booking is not used, for any reason, fees are still payable at the rate determined by the Committee and displayed on the Centre's notice board.
  • Community families will be charged fees for their booked care each week, excepting periods when the Centre is closed.

Student Services Administration Fund (SSAF)

The purpose of this recurrent allocation to the Centre by the University is to support the cost of child care for those families whose parents are students of La Trobe University.

Definition of a student eligible to claim SSAF

A student user is defined as a person who is currently enrolled at La Trobe University and is actively meeting the requirements of that enrolment.


This fund is used to support student families using the Sessional Care service. If you withdraw from your studies the Centre must be notified immediately in writing of the effective withdrawal date.

If, through periodic checks, the Centre discovers you are no longer a student according to the above definition, the Centre's Committee will reclaim all such monies.

Additional support is provided through government agencies to assist you in meeting the cost of care.

Further information