Graduate research in the Baker Department of Cardiovascular Research, Translation and Implementation

Our graduate researchers learn from world class experts in world class facilities.

Our students work on projects alongside researchers, in scientific laboratories or research units that are closely connected with clinical facilities and focus on the translation of findings into improved health outcomes.

They are well supported and recognised by dedicated awards and funding opportunities overseen by the Research Training and Education Committee, all designed to support and enhance the learning experience.

Graduate research degrees

Graduate research degrees

Work on a game-changing research project on cardiovascular and cardiometabolic disease.

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Find out about La Trobe/Baker graduate research scholarships in cardiovascular research.

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Student experience

Our graduate researchers are mentored by research leaders and clinical professionals who ensure they have the academic training, skills and experience they need to thrive in their future workplace.

They are well supported and recognised by dedicated awards and funding opportunities. And, they benefit from sustained workplace experiences in state-of-the-art facilities.

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At La Trobe University, we have a longstanding commitment to diversity, inclusion and social justice; our students are amongst the most diverse of all Australian universities, and we are committed to providing a learning environment and workplace where all students and staff feel valued, respected and supported to achieve their full potential.

We care about building a connected community that actively champions diversity and inclusion to help people thrive. We achieve this by supporting our people, valuing diverse thinking as a key driver of innovation, and holding ourselves to account in delivering a culture where equity is a way of life.

La Trobe is committed to promoting equal opportunities and support for all students and staff, with a focus on six key pillars: cultural, disability, gender equality, indigenous, LGBTIQA and life stages.

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Our students are important to us. We support skills development and build confidence. The end result: We help to launch successful scientific careers.

Students have the opportunity to work on a research project in a supportive workplace environment with access to researchers who are experts in their field.

We also promote the overall student experience through our student committee, dedicated awards and funding opportunities. Social gatherings, a retreat and professional development activities are also offered and enjoyed by our student community.

Graduate researchers are part of La Trobe’s Graduate Research School, which nurtures a vibrant research community and upskills researchers through the Research Education and Development (RED) team. The RED team run workshops on topics from preparing literature reviews through to data manipulation and visualisation; and run initiatives including Shut Up and Write! and 3-Minute Thesis.

We provide a collaborative, stimulating and supportive environment for students.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, co-located with relevant clinical services, allow graduate researchers to access innovative technology, large datasets and new methodologies to make the next big medical breakthrough.

Our graduate researchers have the opportunity to be part of new scientific discoveries and developments in medical care – from benchtop to bedside –  ultimately helping Australians to live healthier for longer.