Baker Department of Cardiovascular Research, Translation and Implementation staff

The Baker Department of Cardiovascular Research, Translation and Implementation is comprised of an outstanding cohort of researchers who are experts in cardiovascular disease, diabetes and public health research.

To contact an individual staff member, please consult the directories below. Or, contact the Department.

Department staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Peter Meikle Head of Department
Professor Brian Oldenburg Prof Public Health and Implement Science 03 9479 6744
Sara Baratchi Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Habtamu Beyene Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Laura Bienvenu Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr. Kurt Brassington Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Ben Chen Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr. Peggy Chen Adjunct Lecturer
Professor Judy de Haan Adjunct Professor
Brian Drew Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Alexandra George Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Corey Giles Research Fellow
Dr. David Greening Associate Professor 03 9479 5031
Dr. Rebecca Harper Adjunct Research Fellow
Dr. Erin Howden Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Kevin Huynh Research Fellow
Dr. Quan Huynh Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Malathi Imiyage Dona Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Tin Kyaw Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Patrick Lelliott Adjunct Research Fellow
Professor Dianna Magliano Adjunct Professor
Dr. Costan Magnussen Adjunct Associate Professor
Professor Thomas Marwick Adjunct Professor
Professor Julie McMullen Adjunct Professor
Dr. Thomas Meikle Adjunct Research Fellow
Yaxing Meng Adjunct Research Fellow
Dr. Guillaume Meric Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Andrew Murphy Adjunct Professor
Dr. Adam Parslow Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr. Sudip Paul Adjunct Research Fellow
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