Consulting (La Trobe Consulting)

For fee for service arrangements for work that is over and above the staff member’s workload allocation and/or University duties (unless otherwise agreed)  with funds to be paid into outside earnings accounts.  Does not include work that is part of a staff member’s substantive role – see Consulting (University Services).

We support:

  • Review and develop contracts including assistance with charge-out-rates, budgets and contract scoping requirements
  • Facilitate legal review by Legal Services
  • Negotiate contracts with external parties
  • Arrange execution by authorised signatories
  • Liaise with Finance in relation to project accounts (with money to be transferred to Outside Earnings accounts
  • Manage records in TRIM
  • Develop and review variations (including extensions) and novations (change of party for new staff or staff departures)

Please see the process, resources and tools for LTU Consulting.  To submit a La Trobe University Consultancy Contract or requirements for assistance email or telephone the Consulting & Contracts Team.

Not sure if your project is consulting? Please read the Income and Revenue definitions.