Tipping the scales on Christmas Island

Why you shouldn't be nervous about biological control

La Trobe rises 200 places in world ranks

La Trobe rated in the top two per cent of global universities

Eureka! La Trobe solves burning question

La Trobe University, Eureka Prize, wildfire, bushfire, fire research, Michael Clarke, Andrew Bennett, malllee, Emu-wren, Black-eared Miner, prescribed burning,

New study probes gut microbe autism link

Exploring genetic relationship between autism and gut bacteria

Sleep science goes wild

Animal sleep studies are about to head into the great outdoors

Ancient cultures, new ideas about memory

La Trobe PhD research leads to new book, 'The Memory Code'

New ways to beat liver fluke in cattle

Developing new ways to control liver fluke infection in dairy cattle

Hip arthritis and muscle wastage

Should osteoarthritis therapy target particular muscle segments?

Goldfield lessons in religious diversity

Unearthing nuggets of goldfields history to beat religious intolerance

La Trobe gears up for super computing

La Trobe joins Intersect Australia for super computing needs

$5m project to save PNG cocoa industry

La Trobe leads $5 million plan to revive PNG's cocoa industry

Plants may have short-term memory

Science tries to exploit this to help crops thrive without fertiliser

Legal processes and disability

People with communication impairment deserve their day in court

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