School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Science staff

The School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences is comprised of a strong team of academic and professional staff who work together to support our core missions of teaching and research.

To contact an individual staff member, please consult the directories below. Or, contact the School.

To contact staff in our Departments, please visit the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Department of Engineering, and Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences websites.

To contact staff in our research centres, please visit the Centre for Technology Fusion, La Trobe Cybersecurity Research Hub, and  Cisco-La Trobe Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things websites.

School staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor James Maxwell Prof, Manufacturing Engineering 03 9479 5764
Dr. Andrew McDonald Lecturer, Physics (TF) 03 9479 3440
Dr. Joel Miller Associate Professor 03 9479 2975
Dr. Leanne Ngo AssProf Coord OnlineProg ComSci IT(TF) 03 9479 1881
Dr. Aiden Nibali Lecturer, Computer Science and Info Tech
Dr. Yuri Nikolayevsky Assoc Prof, Mathematics 03 9479 1644
Dr. Shahzad Nizamani Lecturer Computer Sci and IT (TF)
Dr. Andriy Olenko Assoc Prof, Statistics 03 9479 2609
Byron Palavikas Research Officer Centre for Tech Infusn
Dr. Eric Pardede Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching 03 9479 3459
Dr. Vipul Patel Snr Lecturer, Civil Engineering 03 5444 7438
Dr. Michael Payne Lecturer, Mathematics 03 5444 7265
Dr. Khoa Phan ARC DECRA Senior Research Fellow 03 9479 5535
Professor Paul Pigram Prof, Physics 03 9479 2618
Dr. Rajalakshmi Rajasekaran Lecturer, Comp Sci and IT (TF) 03 9479 2928
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Adjunct and Emeritus staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Robert Staudte Emeritus Professor 03 9479 2608
Dr. Siti Norasmah Surip Visiting Research Fellow
Anton Tadich Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Ming Tang Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Torab Torabi Adjunct Senior Lecturer 03 9479 1057
Dr. Dimetre Triadis Adjunct Research Fellow 03 9479 3894
Dr. Borgy Waluyo Adjunct Research Fellow
Dr. Yufei Wang Adjunct Visiting Associate Professor
Dr. Justin Wang Adjunct Associate Professor 03 9479 3034
Professor Paul Watters Adjunct Professor 03 9479 3415
Professor Quan Wen Adjunct Visiting Associate Professor
Dr. Ruth Williams Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Kee Wong Adjunct Professor
Professor Fukumoto Yasuhide Adjunct Professor
Dr. John Zelcer Adjunct Professor
Number of results: 90
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