Department of Rural Clinical Sciences staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr. Hanny Calache Professor Dentistry
Belinda Assi Lecturer Dentistry and Oral Health (TF)
Dr. Suman Bellur Assoc Professor, Specialist Lead (TF)
Alyson Bettega Lecturer Dentistry and Oral Health (TF) 03 5444 7594
Dr. Haylea Blundell A.Prof (Speclst Cood, orthodonotics) TF
Dr. Yeliz Boglev PSB Academic Support (TF) 03 9479 2545
Jason Buccheri Lecturer, Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences 03 5444 7030
Christina Dennis Clinical Acad Coord - Pharmacy(TF) 03 5444 7537
Dr. Sarah Down Senior Lecturer, Dentistry (TF) 03 5444 7479
Cheree Fitzgibbon Holsworth Biomed Res Initv Postdoc Fell
Dr. Jody Gerdts Lecturer PSB Program (TF)
Alanna Glenn Lecturer, Dentistry and Oral Health (TF) 03 5444 7136
Dr. Cathryn Hogarth Senior Lecturer Biomedical Sciences 02 6024 9638
Dr. Rex Huang Associate Professor, Dentistry (TF)
Professor Helen Irving Professor in Biomedical Sciences 03 5444 7551
Mwila Kabwe Oncophageonmics Post doc Research Off.
Dr. Cristina Keightley Senior Lecturer 03 5444 7143
Dr. Christine Kettle Lecturer 03 5444 7959
Dr. Kai Lee Ass. Prof. - Dentistry & Oral Health
Dr. Yaghma Masood Lecturer, Dentistry and Oral Health (TF)
Dr. Masood Masood Senior Lecturer in Oral Health 03 5444 7594
Jessy McClure Lecturer, Dentistry and Oral Health TF 03 5444 7518
Dr. Terri Meehan-Andrews Senior Lecturer 03 5444 7550
Dr. David Morton Senior Lecturer 03 5444 7367
Dr. Melinda Newnham Ass Prof (Spec Coord Periodontics) (TF)
Janelle Page Lecturer, Pharm and Biomed Sciences (TF) 03 5444 7540
Heidi Peacock Senior Lecturer Dentistry Oral Health 03 5444 7141
Dr. Jono Rooke Associate Professor, Orthodontics (TF)
Ashley Rozario Holsworth Biomed Res Intv PD Fell
Dr. Elizabeth Sari Snr Lecturer, Dentistry and Oral Health 03 5444 7159
Number of results: 45
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Honorary and emeritus

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr. Jasim Al-Rawi Adjunct Senior Lecturer 03 5444 7364
Dr. Inas Al-Yonis Adjunct Research Officer
Dr. Wessam Atteya Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Anna Axell Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Werner Bischof Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Mark Bowman Adjunct Lecturer
Professor Louise Brown Adjunct Professor
Konna Chakravarty Adjunct Research Officer
Dr. Amit Chattopadhyay Honorary Visiting Professor
Kate Chen Adjunct Lecturer
Alexis Chon Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Jennifer Coopersmith Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Bob Cvetkovic Adjunct Lecturer
Anna Dai Adjunct Lecturer
Katharine Dal Santo Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Darcy del Rio Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Rojina Fadaei Adjunct Research Officer
Dr. Kay Franks Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Ajesh George Adjunct Associate Professor
Priya Gopalakrishnan Adjunct Lecturer
Emily Grace Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Rodney Green Adjunct Associate Professor 03 5444 7282
Dr. Martin Hall Adjunct Professor
Patricia Hanna Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Tracey Huntley Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Ioan Jones Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Shah Khan Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Professor Om Prakash Kharbanda Adjunct Professor
Dr. Errol Kilov Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr. Geoff Knight Adjunct Professor
Number of results: 49
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