Submission of your thesis

If you are nearing the end of your research degree, you'll need to let us know, so that we can assist with arranging examiners and the other processes that take place at the conclusion of your candidature.

For candidates who are submitting a thesis only this needs to happen one month prior to your planned submission date. If you are undertaking research in a practice-based discipline in which you will be exhibiting or staging a performance of your work, as well as submitting a written component or exegesis, you will need to communicate with us much earlier before any part of your examination commences.

The following are the required steps and considerations you will need to make to successfully submit your thesis:

  1. step one: ensure your thesis or exegesis is correctly formatted
  2. step two: discuss your intention to submit with your supervisor and send your approved Notice of Intention to Submit form (NOI) to the Graduate Research School (GRS), one month prior to your planned submission date. If you are staging an exhibition or performance as part of your examination you will complete the special Notice of Intention to Submit for Practice-Based Degrees (NOI-PB) when you are making arrangements for the staging of your work
  3. step three: complete your Authority to Submit form (ATS) and send to the GRS (one week prior to your planned submission date)
  4. step four: submit your thesis through the Library Repository for examination.

More details about each of these steps is included below.

Formatting requirements

It is important that you use your School or Department guides and your supervisors' help to ensure your thesis follows the scholarly conventions of your discipline, including presentation of references, bibliographies and quotations.

You will also need to read through the Schedule for presentation of theses for higher degrees by research [PDF 72KB] to ensure that your thesis or exegesis complies with University requirements in terms of formatting and layout and the Guidelines for examinable components of practice-based degrees [PDF 180KB] if you are submitting any artefacts or practice-based components.

You will need to:

  • write your thesis as concisely as possible and comply with the maximum (and in some cases minimum) word count
  • ensure the format of your title page follows the requirements outlined in 'The Schedule' [PDF 72KB]
  • state generally in the preface and bibliography, and specifically in notes, your sources of information and the extent to which you have used the work of others
  • clearly describe the nature and extent of your contribution to any joint research.

Notice of Intention to Submit

We've designed our Notices of Intention to Submit forms (NOI and NOI-PB) as a tool for you to gain approval from your supervisor to submit your thesis, and any other works, and to let us know that we need to make preparations for your examination process.

The NOI form is normally required one month before submission of your thesis (or earlier if you have an exhibition or performance requirement in your degree), so that the GRS can verify your details and start preparing for your submission. University close-down periods will also delay the normal processing times, so make sure you consider these periods when you plan to submit.

You can download the appropriate Notice of Intention to Submit (NOI) form from our forms and resources page.

If you are not sure of any of your enrolment information you can find details through the StudentOnline portal.

Once completed please send the form to After receipt of this form, GRS will initiate the process for appointment of examiners with your principal supervisor.

Authority to Submit

Approximately one week before you plan to submit your thesis, you will need to provide us with a completed Authority to Submit (ATS) form. This form is designed to allow your supervisor and School the opportunity to formalise the official approval of your thesis and any other works for examination, in order that it can proceed to the examination phase.

If you are enrolled in a doctoral degree, you need to also provide us at this stage with a brief citation of your thesis in lay terms [PDF 32KB], in preparation for your graduation ceremony. Each doctoral candidate's citation will be read during the ceremony, so it is a good chance for you to shape the audience's understanding of your research. The citation also appears on your doctoral AHEGS statement, which you'll receive after you graduate.

Submitting your thesis for examination

After we receive your ATS form and have finalised the examination arrangements, we will send an email to your student email account containing a link to the Library Repository. The email will contain instructions on how to upload your thesis, so that it is ready for examination. To access the repository you will need your student ID and password.

If you are undertaking practice-based research you will need to consult the Guidelines for examinable components of practice-based degrees by research [PDF 180KB] and your supervisor for instructions on submission of your practice-based components for examination.

Theses are now normally submitted only as PDF files and printing is no longer necessary, unless an examiner specifically requests this. You must follow the formatting requirements outlined in 'The Schedule [PDF 72KB]' so your thesis can be printed if necessary.

When you are ready, submit your thesis to the Library Repository using the link provided. After you submit, you will receive an email from the repository confirming that your thesis has been uploaded. The GRS will also receive confirmation from the Library Repository that your thesis has been successfully uploaded and will then change your enrolment status to 'Under examination'. International tuition fees and Student Services and Amenities (SSAF) Fees will no longer be charged during this period. The GRS will at this stage make contact with your examiners and provide them with instructions on accessing your thesis.

Additional information

The information on this page is derived from La Trobe's graduate research policies and guidelines. For more detailed information about the policies and guidelines, please refer to the policies and guidelines for graduate research page, in particular the section on Examination and Thesis Requirements.