Who manages graduate research degrees?

Graduate Research Degree Governance

Graduate Research degrees are governed by the Board of Graduate Research. Through the Graduate Research School, the board approves enrolments, receives records of your research progress, authorises examiners, and recommends the award of graduate research degrees to Academic Board.

The Board of Graduate Research is chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies, and it includes student representatives, one from each college, who are full members of the Board. These representatives are elected by the La Trobe Graduate Researchers team, which is comprised of School representatives. See the Board of Graduate Research Terms of reference [PDF 72KB].

Other staff concerned with graduate research degrees are your supervisors, your Graduate Research Coordinator, Progress Committees, College Research Committees and the Graduate Research School.

Graduate Research Coordinators and School Directors of Graduate Research

The role of the Graduate Research Coordinator and School Directors of Graduate Research is to organise graduate research degrees in your area. Their work includes:

  • helping potential graduate researchers find possible supervisors;
  • recommending supervisors and Research Progress Panel (RPP) members;
  • recommending enrolment;
  • arranging an alternate supervisor when your primary supervisor is not available for an extended period;
  • overseeing resources such as office space;
  • receiving progress reports.

Graduate Research School

The Graduate Research School administers graduate research degrees. The School keeps records of all information on your candidature including supervisors, progress reports, how long you have been enrolled in a graduate research degree, any study away from the University, suspension of enrolment, extensions, examiners, and examiners' reports.

Graduate Research School staff can provide information about the administration and procedures for graduate research degrees.


If you have a complaint during your candidature, the steps to follow are:

  1. Discuss it with your supervisor.
  2. If the matter is not resolved at step 1, discuss it with your Graduate Research Coordinator, School Director of Graduate Research, or other senior staff in your area, or your Head of School.
  3. If the matter is not resolved at step 2, contact the Dean of Graduate Studies to discuss the matter.
  4. If you need to take the matter further, you can also contact the Student Complaints Office and/or the University Ombudsman.