Support and development

Graduate research supervision can at times be difficult or complicated, and supervisors are not expected to work in a vacuum. The university provides a broad support network that is there to help answer questions, to model expectations, and to provide advice. The institutional supports available to supervisors are as follows:

  • Schools provide leadership in the expectations of graduate research through research activities (such as seminar series) held at discipline, department or school level. Your School Director of Research can provide more information about activities in your area.
  • Each school has a dedicated Director of Graduate Research (DGR) who oversees higher degree research matters for the School, and can advise you on aspects of supervision procedure.
  • Graduate Research Coordinators (GRCs) are appointed at Department/discipline level to assist the work of the SGRCs and support supervisors and research candidates.
  • The Research Education and Development (RED) team in the Graduate Research School offers specific workshops and seminars to help La Trobe academics develop their capacity as graduate research supervisors.

Introduction to Graduate Research Supervision

If you are new to supervision or to La Trobe, or want to refresh your knowledge of supervision, the RED team provides an intensive Introduction to Graduate Research Supervision workshop that covers all the basics and provides academic staff with the chance to reflect on what being a supervisor means in their disciplinary context. These workshops are face-to-face, and are held across various campuses on a rolling cycle.

DateSession titleCampusBooking
Thursday 20 FebruaryIntroduction to Graduate Research SupervisionMelbourneBookings closed
Friday 21 FebruaryIntroduction to Graduate Research SupervisionBendigoBookings closed
Tuesday 25 FebruaryIntroduction to Graduate Research SupervisionOnlineBookings closed
Tuesday 21 JulyIntroduction to Graduate Research SupervisionOnlineBook now
Wednesday 22 JulyIntroduction to Graduate Research SupervisionOnlineBook now
Wednesday 2 DecemberIntroduction to Graduate Research SupervisionOnlineScheduled
Friday 4 DecemberIntroduction to Graduate Research SupervisionBendigoScheduled
Thursday 10 DecemberIntroduction to Graduate Research SupervisionMelbourneScheduled

Supervisor Development Program

The Supervisor Development Program (SDP) is a semester-long series of interactive, online workshops that aim to provide graduate research supervisors at La Trobe with knowledge and resources that will enhance their supervision practice. The SDP responds to the La Trobe Strategic Plan and the Graduate Researcher Experience and Wellbeing Plan by helping supervisors to build shared understandings of supervision practice that will enhance the research training experience and promote timely and effective completions.

The SDP workshops are organised in a sequence of four staged topics. It is recommended that participants aim to access the workshops in sequence over the course of a single semester. Participants are welcome to repeat any of the workshops at any time to reinforce specific aspects of their supervision practice.

DateSession titleCampusBooking
Tuesday 3 MarchWorkshop 1: Pedagogies and Philosophies of SupervisionOnlineBookings closed
Thursday 26 MarchWorkshop 2: Effective CommunicationOnlineBookings closed
Bookings closed Workshop 3: Working with Student Writers and Giving FeedbackOnlineBookings closed
Tuesday 19 MayWorkshop 4: Problem Solving and managing changeOnlineBookings closed
Wednesday 29 JulyWorkshop 1: Pedagogies and Philosophies of SupervisionOnlineBook now
Wednesday 19 AugustWorkshop 2: Effective CommunicationOnlineScheduled
Wednesday 16 SeptemberWorkshop 3: Working with Student Writers and Giving FeedbackOnlineScheduled
Wednesday 14 OctoberWorkshop 4: Problem Solving and managing changeOnlineScheduled

Chairing Progress Committees

The Progress Committee Chair plays a pivotal role in supporting graduate research candidates and ensuring the success of their research endeavours.

The purpose of these workshop is to provide Progress Committee Chairs with an opportunity to develop their knowledge of the requirements of the role, and to share their experience with other Chairs from across the university.

DateSession titleCampusBooking
Wednesday 11 MarchChairing Progress CommitteesMelbourneBookings closed
Thursday 12 MarchChairing Progress CommitteesOnlineBookings closed
Thursday 12 MarchChairing Progress CommitteesBendigoBookings closed
Wednesday 25 MarchChairing Progress CommitteesOnlineBookings closed
Thursday 14 MayChairing Progress CommitteesOnlineBookings closed
Thursday 6 AugustChairing Progress CommitteesBendigoScheduled
Thursday 6 AugustChairing Progress CommitteesOnlineScheduled
Wednesday 26 AugustChairing Progress CommitteesMelbourneScheduled
Monday 5 OctoberChairing Progress CommitteesOnlineScheduled
Tuesday 6 OctoberChairing Progress CommitteesMelbourneScheduled

Preparing Progress Support Plans

These workshops provides an introduction and guide to the progress support plans process.

DateSession titleCampusBooking
Wednesday 13 MayPreparing Progress Support PlansOnlineBookings closed
Friday 15 MayPreparing Progress Support PlansOnlineBookings closed

Managing Expectations in Graduate Research and Supervision

These workshops are offered separately in two cohorts for candidates and supervisors, which aims to empower all members of the supervision team with strategies for effective communication and expectations management.

DateSession titleCampusCohortBooking
Wednesday 11 MarchManaging Expectations in Graduate Research and SupervisionMelbourneGraduate researchersBookings closed
Friday 13 MarchManaging Expectations in Graduate Research and SupervisionBendigoGraduate researchersBookings closed
Wednesday 15 AprilManaging Expectations in Graduate Research and SupervisionOnlineGraduate researchersBookings closed
Wednesday 26 AugustManaging Expectations in Graduate Research and SupervisionMelbourneTo be confirmedScheduled
Thursday 3 SeptemberManaging Expectations in Graduate Research and SupervisionBendigoTo be confirmedScheduled
Tuesday 6 OctoberManaging Expectations in Graduate Research and SupervisionMelbourneTo be confirmedScheduled

Respectful relationships in Graduate Research Supervision

These workshops aim to engender mutually positive and respectful interaction in graduate research supervision. This workshop is recommended for anyone involved in research training, and is offered in specific iterations for candidates, supervisors, and professional staff (pleased see event listing for correct cohort details).

DateSession titleCampusCohortBooking
Wednesday 12 AugustRespectful relationships in Graduate Research SupervisionBendigoTo be confirmedScheduled

Supervising at a distance

A new workshop for the current climate, but also responding to longer term work across campuses and partner institutions.

DateSession titleCampusBooking
Friday 15 MaySupervising at a distanceOnlineBookings closed

For information on other workshops, please visit the RED Workshops page