La Trobe PhD - with an industry focus

The La Trobe PhD with an industry focus is a program offered in partnership with an industry organisation from private, government or not-for-profit sector.

Through the program, industry partners get access to our world-leading research capabilities to help solve their business challenges, increase their performance and develop a culture of innovation. The partnership also aims to skill industry-ready employees and leaders for the future.

Students enrolled in the La Trobe Industry PhD undertake a research project that addresses real-world challenges identified by and of critical importance to the industry partner. The PhD student will be embedded within the industry partner organisation for a period of time during the program, as agreed between the partners. During the industry PhD, the student is co-supervised by La Trobe and the industry partner, and his/her PhD scholarship is co-funded by both.

This program provides an effective and innovative means to rapidly identify and solve industry-relevant problems at a commercially relevant pace, while maintaining the academic rigour of our La Trobe PhD. You will be making a real-life contribution through your research, while building your professional networks and acquiring skills for a successful career. You will graduate with a La Trobe PhD degree and with a high level of industry knowledge, networks and professional skills.

How you'll benefit

The program provides you with an opportunity to undertake research that is directly applicable in an industry setting, adding high value to the organisation, the economy and society. By conducting leading-edge research at the intersection between academia and industry, you will gain a solid understanding of both realms and their interconnectedness. As a graduate researcher you will act as a translator between the two and contribute to industry’s success, while preparing yourself for a rewarding career, whether in research or in industry.

Through the industry PhD you will:

  • acquire a broad range of skills that enable you to develop a rewarding career, including the ability to translate research knowledge into a product, service or another end-use application
  • develop the ability to communicate the value of your research to industry partners and sponsors
  • strengthen your transferrable professional skills such as organisational, management, communication and teamwork skills required in any role, whether in research or in industry
  • learn from industry leaders who drive innovation and entrepreneurship and build a professional and industry network, which is a fundamental part in any successful career
  • graduate with a broad range of opportunities and career options ahead of you.

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How to apply for a PhD with an industry focus

If you are interested in completing the La Trobe PhD with an industry focus (“Industry PhD”), the best way to get involved is to check the currently available Industry PhD projects and scholarships on our scholarships page. Instructions on how to apply are provided in each scholarship advertisement.

Successful applicants must meet the Australian university entry requirements for a Doctor of Philosophy degree and scholarships, and there may be additional requirements depending on the project and scholarship in question. Please refer to the scholarship advert for details.

Find out more about how to apply for a research degree.

What if I've already started a PhD?

If you are an existing PhD candidate, there are many other options for you to acquire industry experience during your candidature available through our industry internship and career mentoring programs. The Research Education and Development (RED) team also provides workshops and seminars that support your skills required for working in or collaborating with industry and community.

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