Care Delivery

Fair access and delivery of health and social care for all Australians.

Our current care systems are mostly reactive, rather than proactive, driven by inefficiencies, duplication, and operational silos.

Led by Professor Leeanne Carey, our researchers are addressing the challenges related to fair and equitable access and delivery of health and social care by asking what models are fit-for purpose, consumer driven and can be efficiently delivered to Australians across varied communities.

Our priorities over the next year are to:

  • investigate and evaluate models that keep people ‘at home’ and out of hospital
  • identify and co-design digital solutions for improving connections between informal carers, and
  • explore what an exemplar model of care might look like along Victoria’s ‘Northern Corridor’.

Our projects include

CERI core members, Professors Leeanne Carey, Nicholas Morris, Meg Morris, James Boyd, Alex Maritz and Associate Professor Hanan Kalil are aiming to develop a proof of concept into how microsimulation can better understand, and plan for, the care needs of stroke survivors. The mapping will enable identification of gaps in health and well-being services by providing a template for care needs at a population specific level.

Researchers Associate Professor Hanan Kalil and Senior Research Fellow Tshepo Rasekaba, along with an industry partner, are investigating how an AI tool can identify elderly aged care residents, who may be at risk of a fall, and where medication may be a significant contributing factor. If successful, the tool will enable pharmacists to provide tailored management of medications reducing risks.

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