Single Session Family Consultation

A key component of the 'From Individual to Families' framework, Single Session Family Consultation (SSFC) combines the principles and practices of Family Consultation with Single Session Thinking.

In this self-paced online training, Dr. Brendan O'Hanlon, a leading developer and proponent of SSFC, provides a clearly articulated practical process for engaging families, ideally suited to contexts where a family member is the primary client of an individually oriented service (e.g. adult mental health, alcohol and other drugs, youth services).

SSFC offers timely, accessible support to all family members while retaining a strong client-practitioner relationship. In keeping with Single Session Thinking it enables practitioners to make the most of each encounter with families.

Listen to Dr. Brendan O'Hanlon discuss this course and how it provides solid grounding in the practice frame of SSFC.

Course structure

This course is made up of five modules and includes reflective questions, videos and quizzes.

Module 1: Introducing SSFC - Describe the rationale and practice principles underpinning SSFC, and its place within a comprehensive response to families.

Module 2: Foundations of SSFC - Unpack the conceptual and practical contributions of Single Session Thinking and Family Consultation to the model.

Module 3: Convening SSFC - Outline and consideration of key tasks in convening an SSFC.

Module 4: Conducting SSFC - Describe and demonstrate the key stages of SSFC: convening, conducting and follow-up.

Module 5: Responding to challenges - Address key challenges including translating SSFC training into practice.

You will have access to a list of references, resources and tools that will support your learning.


AUD$225.50 (incl. GST) for three months' unlimited access.

Course duration

This course takes approximately five hours to complete. You can leave the course at any time and your progress will be saved.

What does this include

Once you receive your login details, you will have three months' access to the course and resources.

Upon completion of this course

We offer related support and training including:

Single Session Family Consultation in Practice is a half-day implementation focused training and a practice companion to the self-paced online training. It provides you with an opportunity to consolidate your knowledge of SSFC and enhance the application of these ideas in your clinical practice.

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