No Bullshit Therapy

No Bullshit Therapy (NBT) is about being authentic – even in difficult situations and with clients we find challenging.

Turn fearful situations into workable contracts, by establishing motivation congruence and clarifying responsibility and accountability, driven by respect and transparent use of non-toxic power to empower.

Creating a context for mutual honesty and directness, sometimes just by stating how you like to work, can be liberating and productive, especially with people who are forced to attend counselling, are suspicious of the counsellor and distrustful of institutions. When combined with warmth, care, and respect for the constraints of the work, a counsellor who avoids jargon and uses an honest and direct approach can enhance intimacy and trust, especially with haters of therapy.

This training is taught by the leading developer and proponent of NBT, Professor Jeffrey Young, and provides practitioners with practical tips for working with ‘hard to engage’ clients. Listen to Professor Jeffrey Young talk about the course with his colleagues, Nick Barrington and Angie Nyland.


Self-paced online, available 24/7

Access Period

3 months


7 CPD hours


$285.00 (GST included)


Prof. Jeff Young

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Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduces NBT, outlines theories of bullshit in the age of spin, fake news, and the loss of faith in care-giving professionals and institutions
  • Module 2: Unpacks the four NBT clinical guidelines, with simulated examples of engaging angry, dismissive and mandated clients
  • Module 3: Presents a range of NBT simulated interviews with therapy haters followed by micro-analyses of sessions and expert commentary
  • Module 4: Provides clinical tools such as self-supervision which enable clients to have tough conversations with significant others
  • Module 5: Includes interviews with NBT practitioners discussing their work, a course summary and conclusion

What will you Learn?

On completion of NBT, you will be able to:

  • Describe the philosophy and principles that guide NBT
  • Understand the different clinical approaches required to engage clients who attend services with bad faith as opposed to those who attend in good faith
  • Identify and apply strategies for developing authentic relationships with a wider range of clients
  • Use NBT tools to help clients have difficult conversations with others
  • Apply a range of skills consistent with NBT to your own work context and clientele

Relevant Audience

Professionals, including counsellors, therapists, case managers, team leaders or managers interested in practical tips for working with ‘hard to engage’ clients.

Additional Information

As well as the 7 CPD hours of required learning, this course is jam packed with up to 8 hours of additional, non-required learning. Enjoy practice tips, video simulations, interviews, micro-analyses of sessions by clients, practitioners and experts, practical tools, interactive exercises, reflective questions and client and practitioner experiences.

Related Training

No Bullshit Therapy in Practice is a half-day implementation focused training and a practice companion to the self-paced online training. It provides you with an opportunity to consolidate your knowledge of NBT and enhance the application of these ideas in your clinical practice.