About us

‘Smart Cities’ can develop through a collaborative and comprehensive approach, incorporating input from governments, universities and industry partners.

We developed the Asian Smart Cities Research and Innovation Network (ASCRIN) to facilitate the strong partnerships required to do this successfully.

ASCRIN is an interdisciplinary collaborative network which connects researchers, public sector and business people with expertise to work together to improve cities in Asia

Our goal is to realistically and practically improve the sustainability, liveability and efficiency of cities in Asia using existing technologies

La Trobe University initiated ASCRIN and is in partnership with two premier institutions in India:

  • The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • The Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

We hope to grow the network to include other organisations.

From product development to product trial and finally product evaluation, ASCRIN will work with research focused groups, government, global industry partners and start ups to bring ideas to life.  In line with improving sustainability, liveability and efficiency, the network has identified 10 interconnected themes for developing research projects:

The people involved in the themes will work with colleagues in other themes to ensure that the research, planning, implementation and evaluation of complex smart city developments include multiple perspectives to ensure the success of Smart City initiatives.