Food security and agriculture

With an increasing global population, 69% more food calories will be needed to feed 9.6 billion people by 2050.

Increases in food related illnesses along with the need for more nutritional food to feed a growing population is a looming global challenge.

Agri-food research and innovation systems will need to change the ways in which they work to meet these challenges in a world of limited resources and increasingly hostile production environment.

This theme will work to translate knowledge from the laboratory to the rest of the world in all areas of food production.


We are eager to work with people and organisations on research that fits this theme. Some possible research examples might be:

  • plant responses to stress and environmental changes
  • optimising the dietary fibre content of plant-based foods (grains) to improve nutritional and environmental outcomes
  • optimising the yield and quality of plant-based proteins from pulses
  • structure, function and biosynthesis of plant cell walls and their biotechnological applications
  • breeding plant varieties for changing and adverse climate
  • seed biology.

If you have an idea for research and want to be a part of our network, contact us with your ideas.


We are able to undertake work for organisations and governments. Engagement in agriculture and food security spans a broad range of activities:

  • various industries spanning the agriculture and food supply chain from primary producers to consumers
  • multidisciplinary approaches to food security and agriculture spanning data, robotics, engineering, social sciences and agri-business
  • research training.

Current research projects

REmote Sensing enabled Public policy analysis of aIR-pollutants in peri-urban Environments: An Indo-
Australian case study - RESPIRE

This project aims to understand the nature of air pollution in peri-urban areas in the context of agriculture, the relative effectiveness of existing policy controls and opportunities for development of new evidence-based policy frameworks to support urban planning decisions.

As city boundaries and urban populations expand, urban and rural actors in the peri-urban environment will necessarily come into conflict. A key challenge for the government is to provide effective and efficient policy measures to mitigate the conflict.

PhD candidate:
  • M V Girinath Reddy

Project ID: 28-EOI-BITSP

Future of India-Australia Agribusiness Trade in an Era of Reglobalization: A Supply Chain Management Perspective

This research aims to explore how supply chain collaboration among groups of importers and/or exporters can successfully reduce production/logistical costs along with work for new trade agreements. We will combine national input output data along with trade statistics to identify the global value chains in various sectors and decipher value added in bilateral trade flows. The study will generate innovative supply chain solutions and promote collaboration among multiple clusters of Indian and Australian exporters and importers, with special focus on micro, small and medium enterprises and low-income consumers.


Project ID: 47-EOI-IITK

Improving data driven decision making in small-mid scale dairy cooperatives

Our research aims develop bespoke sensors and data analytics and traceability methods to identify causes of milk quality problems and enable development of strategies to improve milk quality.

PhD candidate:
  • Anupama Ranjan


Micro-climate modelling of in-door growing conditions of medicinal crops using sensor fusion

This project involves undertaking targeted research to develop microclimate modelling using sensor fusion and developing a complementary expert systems model for use in real-time monitoring and control systems of desired growing conditions. The work will include integration of sensor systems developed by our existing Industry partners and subsequent development of computation models for microclimate modelling to grow medicinal crops for both western and Indian medicine.


Project ID: 51-EOI-IITK

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things for Agri-Food Supply Chain Traceability


Project ID: EOI 2-4-IITK

Discover the Best practices of Community Engagement in Promoting Rooftop Terrace Gardening in Smart Urban


Project ID: EOI 2-9-IITK

Australia-India Economic Cooperation: An Agricultural Supply Chain Perspective

PhD candidate:
  • Mr Shivam Sharma

Project ID: 99 IIT K - LTU 2023

Research partners

La Trobe Academics

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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur Academics

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Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani Academics

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