Cultural heritage

Using values of cultural heritage as a foundation, this theme addresses the challenges that face cultural heritage management in rapid urban growth environments.

Urban cultural heritage is fundamental to cities all over the world and the interpretation, management and conservation of such heritage is increasingly a matter of significant urgency for communities.

Smart Cities have tended to overlook these challenges, and in some cities, rapid urban growth can sit alongside sites of four thousand years of urban civilisation and overtake it if not properly protected and promoted.

It is important that smart cities apply heritage-based planning protocols and consider how new technologies could support retaining and promoting the cultural heritage of the city locally and more broadly.

Current examples of where this is being done include:

  • development-led archaeological programs
  • community engagement in heritage management decisions
  • crowd sourced heritage audit and improved monitoring of sites


We are eager to work with people and organisations on research that fits this theme. Some possible research examples might be:

  • how can new and emergent technologies be used to develop and monitor heritage risk maps and urban development in smart cities?
  • how can the governance of urban development be managed to best protect and promote urban cultural heritage?
  • to what degree can 3D scanning and visualisation of cultural heritage sites facilitate cultural and economic resilience within urban settings?

If you have an idea for research and want to be a part of our network, contact us with your ideas.


We are able to undertake work for organisations and governments. Talk to us about how we can help you. Some examples include:

  • testing application of remote sensing to identify sub-surface archaeological sites
  • use of digital technologies to trial different forms of community engagement in the recording and monitoring of urban heritage
  • evaluation of different forms of digital monitoring in cultural heritage management
  • development of mobile phone applications to promote engagement with cultural heritage.

Current research projects

Public understanding and informed-decision on the Ganges river water by people participation for an Action Plan for Clean River Ganges (APCRG)

This research aims to:

  1. Formulate an Ideal Scenario (IS) about citizens’ beliefs, understanding and intention for action regarding a clean river Ganges by experts in the field of water management and quality, governments and scientists (a detechnicalised document of what is expected to be a clean Ganges river and how this is important in living and lifestyle changes).
  2. Identify an Actual Scenario (AS) of citizens’ beliefs, understanding and intention for action regarding river Ganges water (what at present citizens believe, understand and interested in taking to clean the river Ganges).
  3. Evaluate the gaps in ideal and actual scenario to propose an Action Plan for Clean River Ganges (APCRG).
PhD candidate:
  • Ms Anjali Yadav

Project ID: 22-EOI-IITK and EOI 2-8-IITK

Future of India-Australia Agribusiness Trade in an Era of Reglobalization: A Supply Chain Management Perspective

This research aims to explore how supply chain collaboration among groups of importers and/or exporters can successfully reduce production/logistical costs along with work for new trade agreements. We will combine national input output data along with trade statistics to identify the global value chains in various sectors and decipher value added in bilateral trade flows. The study will generate innovative supply chain solutions and promote collaboration among multiple clusters of Indian and Australian exporters and importers, with special focus on micro, small and medium enterprises and low-income consumers.


Project ID: 47-EOI-IITK

Explainable Deep Syntactic Descriptors for Information Retrieval


Project ID: EOI 2-6-IITK

Documenting Tawang Monpa: A step towards preservation of the cultural heritage of Tawang Monpas

PhD candidate:
  • Ms Mrunmayee Amshekar

Project ID: 54 IIT K - LTU 2023

Research partners

La Trobe Academics

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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur Academics

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Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani Academics

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