Clinical Trials Platform

The La Trobe University Clinical Trials Platform enables and accelerates new research outcomes by providing expert advice and support for clinical trial design, management and services of exceptional quality and regulatory compliance.

The Clinical Trials Platform offers a full suite of services, adhering to quality standards and regulatory requirements, including:

  • support with trial design, grant development, ethics submissions, statistical support and researcher training.
  • trial set up, including facilitating agreements and registration.
  • participant recruitment and selection and public engagement.
  • trial management, including support with safety monitoring plans, regulatory compliance, promoting trials and organising and hosting events and study meetings.
  • trial shut down, including data checking, cleaning, analysis and reporting.

We provide services to a range of clients including academics, clinicians and health and medical scientists in both the government and private sectors.

In collaboration with our partners, we provide a range of education and training opportunities in best practice clinical research. We also support an interactive forum to encourage collaboration and sharing of ideas amongst researchers and clinicians.

For further information on the Clinical Trials Platform, please contact us: