About The Clinical Trials Platform

The platform provides researchers with training, expert advice, and services to support the conduct of clinical trials at the highest possible international standards.

Our mission is to enhance the productivity and external recognition of clinical trials conducted by our researchers.

Capabilities include:

  • Access to training and expert advice on trial design.
  • Support for clinical trial set-up and participant recruitment.
  • Support and advice on data management.

This service was established as part of the University’s Research 2030 five-year plan, to build and support research at La Trobe. Our research is focussed on five priority areas linked to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The vision of the Clinical Trials Platform is to foster strong research collaboration and engagement, to leverage our research capabilities; and to elevate research efficiency, quality, rigor, and impact.

We provide support to our researchers and students, external investigators, and industry partners at any stage of the clinical trials lifecycle. This expert, end-to-end service includes trial design and methodology, grant development, ethics submissions, statistical support. You will have access to highly trained and skilled experts in the field for overall trial management including planning, promoting, and conducting clinical trials.

Our partners

We have a strong reputation for our clinical research and clinical trials, particularly in the fields of Allied Health, Psychology and Public Health, and Nursing and Midwifery disciplines. We provide services to a range of clients including academics, clinicians and health and medical scientists in both the government and private sectors.

The Academic and Research Collaborative in Health (ARCH) specialises in translational research co-produced with consumers to optimise healthcare quality, outcomes, safety, and the patient experience. This network covers the fastest growing population corridor in Australia, providing access to a diverse patient population in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

ARCH partners

  • Alfred Health
  • Austin Health
  • Northern Health
  • Eastern Health
  • Mercy Health
  • Healthscope

Formal affiliations